Melbourne Trip 2007

Dogma and I took a break away from work. We decided on Melbourne as the location for our 1 week holiday. It was a noteworthy trip as we had a balance of everything, dined like the rich and ate like the poor, drove like a local and walked till our muscles tore, strong wind chills and sweaty foreheads, fine chocolates and on-the-rack chocolate bars, and the list goes on. I’m truly grateful to have a wonderful companion along to make this trip fully complete. Here are some pictures of the food we had tried during our 1 week here.

Demona: I’m addicted to the mocha. Never once a cafe, throughout my trip here, selected on random failed me in terms of good coffee. Nothing beats sipping coffee while indulging in a thick, rich, slice of homemade cheesecake. Mind you, we just had Big Breakfast (as seen below) an hour plus before this. BURPS.

Demona: Look closely, at the right bottom corner, two round looking cakes with a hole in the middle, those are called Kugelholfs. Monarch’s trademark pastries. They tasted excellent, with a spongy cake taste on the outside and on the inside (here’s the best part: thick, sweet, packed with calories) chocolate cream. We bought some mini Kugelholfs back, to give our parents. Not cheap btw. A mini K cost us 6 AUD. should i use accutane Apollo Bay’s Fish & Chips:

Demona: We drove into Apollo Bay town. Heard so much about their awesome fish and chips. We camped here for the night, bought some fish, calamari and chips as take away, dropped by the nearest supermart and bought a bottle of Watershed’s Chardonnay, and pigged the hell out in the motel room. The second pict showed the Cheddar cheese which we bought from Victoria Market, in Melbourne city. Awfully sinful meal.

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Demona: The best calamari I ever hard. Check out the size of the rings. No way you can find one this size back home.

Demona: The smoked salmon pizza. Salmon was good, but we made a mistake. Should have ordered another type of pizza as we had ordered the grilled salmon already.

Demona: Grilled salmon. Check out the chunk. YUMS!

Demona: G.O.R.G.E. Choc Factory was closed. Fortunately, Whey Cheese sold their products as well. We managed to get a taste of it, Raspberry liqourish coated with white chocolate. It was tasty! We tasted all kinds of cheese at the factory, from pepper cheese, smoke cheese to down right funky coffee cheese. Dogma bought a slice of smoked cheese home. Guess it’s still in his fridge today.

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Demona: My lunch: Special Australian hot dog. His lunch: Beef burger. And a cuppa cappucino to top it all.
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Demona: Finally back in the city. It was a Sunday evening. Thus, most shops were closed. We walked everywhere to look for food within the viscinities of the airport transfer. But nothing interesting…until we stumbled upon… Krispy Kremes! By luck. Gosh. I heard so much about it. Had always wondered how one tiny lil’ donut can drive so many people crazy.

And …The ‘so-many-people’ out there were right. The donuts just melt in your mouth. The orgasmic feeling’s something like eating Siang Malam’s toast with butter and kaya.
We bought 2 dozens back home. People were so into these sinful O-shaped ring pastries that throughout our way to the airport, we were constantly asked on where we bought them from. All the way back to Malaysia. Kinda made me feel like I was a “legal” drug trafficker. All those donut addicts out there.