TuBoLeng ( Mini Octopus)

http://buy-generic-clomid.com/buy_generic_clomid_tablets.html TuBoLeng aka mini octopus: This is quite a popular local dish in northern Perak/Penang area. Take some fresh mini octopus, boil them and dip them in the spicy peanut sauce and you will have a wonderful dish to go along with beers! Mmmmm, crunchy juicy mini octopus makes me droool.

One place where you can find this dish is at BaganSerai where mommy’s ex-student cook up some mean dish.

Fried Eggplant in Curry Spices: Another of our favorite is the fried eggplant laced with indian curry powder. It might look like a gooey black mess, but wait till you taste the Spicy, Crunchy eggplant slices. The curry spices /Indian curry leaf provides the firepower and i suspect the chef added some sugar to give the eggplant the crunchiness.

SeaFood HorFun: Pretty impressive with thick seafood gravy and fresh seafood “liao”.What make this dish better than most horfun is the thick Wok-hei flavour and crunchy yet sinful home made fried pork lard…mmmmm..

Verdict: Extremely value for money ( We always get free drinks/fruits/desserts due to mommy) northern Malaysian Chinese cuisine that is heavy in taste/flavour. What more could you ask from such lovely small family owned restaurant?

ps: I could not remember the name of the restaurant but it is along the main street of bagan serai.