Astoria Home Food

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follow site Caramelized Onions and Shitake:
Demona: Interesting try out. The sliced onions were slowly stir fried with butter until fragrant and they turned slightly golden brown. The shitakes were sliced and added in with the onions. The dish came butt-kicking when I added horseradish sauce in it and stir fried them till the sauce thickens.
Delicious finish!

source link Grilled Shitake with Garlic Butter and Cheese:
Demona: Dogma slapped some garlic buttter and cheese on the bottom of each shitake, toasted them till the butter and cheese melted. YUMSSSS.

other fertility drugs like clomid for sale Pork + Brocolli:
Demona: Chopped bits of garlic and ginger slices were stir fried till fragrant. The sliced pork meat (marinated with thick soy sauce, sugar, pepper, salt) were added in and stir fried along. Some water with corn flour were added to thicken the sauce. The brocolli was then added in once the meat was cooked.

Still wasn’t as good as Mom’s. Lack of practice and experience. But happy enough. I personally believe my mom’s cooking as well as many mammas out there put many restaurants to shame.

Wolf Blass Gold Label Cab Sav 2002:
Verdict, Dogma?

Bangsar Sri Nirvana

Roti Canai/Prata:

Demona: Teh Tarik, Teh Masala, fried brinjals ( the bowl on the right), mutton varuval ( the bowl on the left).

Verdict: Price is definitely higher than Pandi’s. Taste wise it is average except for the kambing rendang which packs a punch. The waiters here enjoys teasing and checking out the good numbers of female patrons which makes us pretty uncomfortable. I would rather go to Pandi for a cheaper and better Indian meal anytime!