Kanna Curry House, Seksyen 17, PJ.

Roti Canai:

Thosai Telur: soaked with Dhall, and chicken curry. Slapped on the side of the banana leaf was the chutney.

Demona: We didn’t order any of these. Just that, the waiter got really excited seeing us taking photographs of our food. He thought we were tourists, and started talking to us and volunteered to let us take this photograph of him carrying those the dishes.

Initially, the service was really bad. We were on a tight schedule and the TONS of waiters hanging around just pretended busy, ignoring us. After the whole photo taking session, the waiters suddenly gave us a 5-star-restaurante treatment (Tourists ma, Visit Malaysia 2007).

Demona: Dhall, chicken curry, fish curry.

Verdict: We had a roti canai, a thosai telur, a fried fish, a teh tarik and a nescafe tarik. The bill came up to RM 16. Slightly steep for the amount of food we ordered.

The fried fish was really fresh, alright. Apparently, Kanna gets their seafood, fresh daily and only fry them upon request.

We haven’t tried much varieties of food over here. Thus, not fair to judge on how much better, or worse is Kanna, compared to others.