Hotel Mitre


we both walk past Hotel Mitre today, off Killiney Road.
It was an interesting pre-war building in a state of dilapidation. The building was taken care of by Mr Chiam Heng Hsien ( old man in picture) and he had resisted his cousins’ attempts to sell the plot for the past 10 years, until the court ruled against him recently. The plot is estimated to be sold between 120-200 million sgd.

Not too bad for the topless old man in the picture. He will get an estimated 20-40 million from the sale.

LaoBeiJing@Plaza Singapura

Demona: I am a sucker for Dim Sums and chinese food. Big time sucker for Char Siew Paos. Dogma will always scout around for these food places in Singapore and bring me to try them whenever I make a trip down. We hopped on a free shuttle bus to Plaza Singapura and headed to Lao Bei Jing. (The pict showed Dogma’s enthusiasim in browsing through the menu)

Demona: I took a shot of these framed pictures hung on the wall, next to our table. The pictures had sepia coloured photographs of the olden days of Beijing.

Demona: We ordered a plate of Beijing fried noodles. The mee texture tasted a little bit like yee mee. The mee tasted pretty good, not too oily and salty. At least the mee strands did not stick to one another, like little fur balls. It was fried along with some prawns, eggs, thin meat slices and mushroom. It was quite a big portion, definitely wise if you are ordering for 2 persons.

Demona: We ordered a basket of Siew Long Paos as well. They tasted pretty good. The Paos skin was just thick enough to hold the meat juices inside and not choke us while eating them. I think we finished half the amount of ginger slices from the bottle on our table.

Verdict: The fried noodles cost 12 sgd, and the siew long paos cost 4 sgd. Pretty decent meal for such a decent price. I probably would not order the noodles in the near future soon, the siew long paos yes.