Roti Prata Cafe@Upp Thompson

Ok. I had a quick dinner today around my office at this supposedly famous Roti Prata Cafe (Voted by NewPaper or something).

Crispy Prata: This is one Singaporean’s favourite – roti canai that is fried till ultra crispy. I would not say i hate crispy prata but just that I prefer mine chewy with some bite. This shop’s crispy prata was a let down. I did not managed to take the picture before i finished them but you could see from the flaks that it is ultra dry and lifeless. Thumbs down.

Dissatisfied and eager for more, I ordered a plate of nasi briyani, with fried chicken and 1 plate. of chicken curry and 1 plate of fish curry. The nasi briyani did not score much mark and the fried chicken was pathetic. It was fried way before hand and it was dull and lifeless. Both curry were lacking of ooomph and punch.

Verdict: For nasi briyani in singapore, I’ll go for Hamid’s Mutton Briyani@geylang serai market. For fried chicken, I would have gone for those northern indian tandoori chicken of Heritage@6thAve or Jaggi@racecourse rd. I still could not find a good indian food in Singapore that could be on par with KL’s Pandi or Kanna.

Pls help me….

Amer@Bakerzin, Bangsar

Demona: This cake is called “AMER”. Love. My marketing manager bought it for one of our customers. Me stomach juices were wishy washy already when I saw the cake. It looked darn delicious. THIS WAS TRUE! THE BOOK WAS EQUALLY AS GOOD AS ITS COVERS!

Demona: The dark chocolate sponge cake slices in between were very moist and the sweetness was well controlled. In between the layers of chocolate sponge cakes were coated with very smooth, chilled, chocolate whipped cream. (DEVILISHLY SINFUL!) Each bite was a melting moment! This was one of those cakes where by each mouthful was orgasm, keeping you smiling bigger and bigger. When I took one bite, I close my eyes, and for that few seconds, I actually felt worry-free. I was in paradise.

Verdict: A very good cake. I got to learn how to make this cake alright. The price was a little steep, RM 70. Get this cake as a birthday gift only to those who you really care about and cares about you equally as much as well.