Day 1 seafoodie venture@Tsukiji Market, Tokyo

Time to dive in some delicious seafoodie foodie venture! Sadly the market wasn’t open that day. Crowd was less, but still substantial to keep the entire place lively. We walked around just seeing all sorts of foodies, dried, fresh and cooked. 

We passed by this restaurant, Tsukiji Sushiko, which has several branches within the Tsukiji area itself, and also in other parts of Tokyo.

This restaurant was either new, or recently refurbished. The smell of wood was strong, I loved it. And the place was very clean, common for most places in Japan. We sat by the bar to see the chefs in action prepping the food.

First up: chirashi don! The sashimis were crazy fresh. Crazy fresh!

See how the layer of sashimi slice just almost falling out from the gravity. The rice was pretty amazing as well. Nicely cooked, each pulp plump and sweet.

Next up: grilled eel. Just lightly marinated. A rare sight as the grilled eels I usually have are very dark in colour, marinated with dark soy to mitigate the greasy petrol like flavour of the eel flesh. 

Very light, tender meat. Yums! But so little per portion. It was gone within 1 minute.

What’s next? Sushis. With scampi, swordfish and sea urchin. Scampi was quite sweet but cannot beat the sweetness of the scampis I had in Sydney fish market. By far, best scampis ever. Unforgettable till this day.

The other two were pretty alright, fresh. But not excellent enough to rave crazy.

Guess the chefs saved the best for last for us? This grilled cod was…Butterylicious amazing! The meat just broke down the moment your chopsticks dived into the meat. The cod was grilled just nice enough that the flesh retained its tenderness and its buttery flavour was strong. One of the best cods I’ve had in my life.

Total damage: 4000 yen. Urks. And not full too. Bye bye, Tsukiji Sushiko. Continuing on…

Tons of people were crowding around this grilled eel shop. The pungent aroma of soy and smoke was likely the cause of catch peoples’ attention. Mine included.

Hmmm, average. Nothing to really rave about. About 250 yen. Not cheap urks.

Just like the saltbae chef, theatrics work to get people curious about your food, and when curiosity comes, the dollars follow suit. The gigantic fish head and the guy slicing off the meat caught my curiosity and the maguro meat displays were also amazingly fresh looking. 

Decided to buy a pack of freshly sliced sashimi tuna. Total damage : 2700 yen.

It was aaaaaaamazing! May not need to look nice in presentation like what we had in the restaurant earlier on, but the freshness, tenderness, sweetness of the maguro was just amazing. 

Japan is a country filled with citizens who are so hygiene conscious and I really respect that. People take their trash home and separate them accordingly for recycling and ease the disposal process. 

So, if you are getting the food to go..My advise is to eat there itself and throw your rubbish at the bin outside the shop you bought your food from, otherwise you will end up holding the trash for a long, long time as trash bins are hardly found throughout the city.

Again, theatrics worked. This man cooking those gigantic scallops lightly dashed with soy, and torched with the burner…Made peoples’ tummies growled! Scallops sold here are generally huge! Kinda felt conned over the scallops we eat back in KL, half the size, double the price.

Tsukiji, I’ll be back. To see you again, when the fish market opens for Ms Foodieventura! 

Macaroonie bliss@Sadaharu Aoki, Tokyo

As I was walking around the business district area, I went through my makan makan list and then thought, hey I haven’t had a good dessert. Out of nowhere, I recalled about Sadahru Aoki, after all he’s Japanese. And coincidentally the patisserie was only about 500 metres away from where I was! Guess it was meant to be…Time for desserts in Sadaharu Aoki!

The shop was really quite quiant. Mainly white, and the place was full, both with seated down guests as well as those who were taking away.

Just nice. An empty seat. 

We sat down and browsed through the menu. I did not recall this in Taipei, but they have this degustation menu of 5 or 7 cakes, but I went for the 5 of course..Cost about 1600 yen.

I don’t know if there was a flow to eat them, but each cake had a really distinct flavour, all displaying it’s own vivid colours, which translated it strength in your mouth. My top three favourites were the hazelnut strawberru and cheesecake, which ended up as my top selections too for the macaroons.

The pistachio and green tea were good as well. What was missing out was a cuppa coffee, and i regretted drinking too much of it in one morning.

Through my second experience, I learnt something peculiar. As there were just abit too much for finish over one course, I wanted to pack up the rest of the macaroons home to savour them later. 

Strangely, I was not allowed to. The waitresses had limited English but from their hand gestures and a couple of pictorial drawings on their notebook when I asked why I was not allowed to, it had got to do with bringing home may damage the eating experience later as they do not have the packages that are designed to preserve the best eating moment for the macaroons.

Which, I thought was just too strange. I was sorta forced to gobble up every macaroon since it was 500 yen a piece, but I was too sickly sweet full by then hence in my opinion, that ruined my macaroon experience more than having a less tasty one at home later on.

I guess every place has its rules in place to make sure the food they serve are at their very best. But forcing patrons to finish up, or choosing to leave behind the unfinished food is not something I’m used to. Then again, I’m not in the ranks of the rich and the wealthy haha.

The iced Macha latte was amazingly delicious. According to the menu, this drink is also a signature for this patisserie cafe. Though this drink isn’t something that I’d order usually, but I had too many doses of coffee for the day.

The milk was just about nice in terms of the creamy texture, and the sweetness was just right too. The Macha flavour was quite strong but its intensity was just about right to make it fuse well with the milk. 

I want to learn making this on my own when I head back!

Total damage was quite..Damaging 🙁

The bill was about 4000 over yen, which cost nearly RM200. Ouches. But it brought back wonderful memories of my first experience of Sadaharu Aoki’s pastries in Taipei. And it reminded me too of my early youthful days of dreaming to be a pastry chef, and naively writing to Sadaharu Aoki asking for an internship. Hahaha.

You can read more of my older post here about my first experience of his lovely decadent pastries in Taipei from this link:


Sadaharu Aoki

〒107-0052 Tōkyō-to,
 Minato-ku, Akasaka,
9 Chome−7−4,
 東京ミッドタウン ガレリア B1F 東京ミッドタウン


+81 3-5413-7112

Opening hours:

Daily : 11 am – 9 pm