BBQ round 2@City Hall, Seoul (behind Cafe Mamas)

comprare levitra garanzia During the snow flurries night, we walked past this restaurant which seemed packed with locals. It was located within the alleys behind Cafe Mamas, located on the main roads of City Hall area.

go to link Decided to give it a try that night. Ventilation was not very good but thank goodness they had barrel seats which top cover can be opened to keep your winter jackets inside, so you could sit on it and enjoy your dinner without worrying about your only piece of winter jackets smelling bad.

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We ordered a slab of pork and beef each. The meat looked real fresh!

While waiting for the meat to be cooked, a toast with somaek first!

I was not really liking the side dishes apart from the kimchi coated chopped squids. The rest of the vegs were a little too local for my liking.

Beef was pretty good! Tenderlicious indeed and the bonus point…home made Samjang! A little spicier, less sweet..much like our Malaysian sambal! That gave a real oomph kick to the leave wrapped bbq beef combo!

The pork were very fresh and nicely marinated as well, so they tasted super yumzers when bbq-ed to golden bronze grilled lined perfection!

The meat was from the pork jowl part which gave the added tenderness! Good bye my calories intake!

Total damage: about 50,000 Won..about RM200. Urks .

Restaurant name’s literal translation was:


We were not quite full yet. Up mart for junk food supper!

Victory day celebration@Yeoju

We were headed to Yeoju for Victory Day celebration. All the church members gathered at PKJI church to tak the bus. We left at 7 am – weather was extremely cold and dark. Brrrrr!

Great thing about leaving early. We arrived earlier than usual! The ride only took about 1.5 hours. We got to Shalom by 9am, chilling out with a cuppa hot coffee. Felt so blessed to be back here!

As Yeoju was located away from the city (less buildings, people, vehicles), the temperature was a few notches lower than the city! Crazy brrrrrrr! The heat pack we got from Daiso were deemed useless to keep us warm.

Thank goodness the PKJI Women’s Ministry gave us some refreshments in the bus, and ear muffs and heatpacks too!

When you see an army animation as the packaging cover, you know this heat pack was the real deal. It was super powerful. The warmth lasted for 12 hours – and not just mild warmth, but like really hot kinda warmth.


This was a blessed day indeed! The launch of the 10th book of the History of Redemption Series! Can’t wait for the English translations!

The view from up here was amazing. Seeing the huge crowd walking up the slope always reminded me of Senior Pastor Abraham Park’s vision of nations come running, jumping with joy towards the Word of God.


It was so crazy cold that my feet literally froze. Wrong shoes, wrong pants would kill one at a below zero degree winter. I need to really beef up my winter clothing the next time I come. Brrrrrr!

Once the services were over, we headed to Shalom again for lunch. And boy oh boy….this Sollongtang, was my best meal throughout the entire trip.

Cooked with love and care. Every sip gave me the comfort and warmth I needed. And I finished up the rice. Showed how delicious it was, since I rarely eat rice.

I guess the snow came down yesterday as they were still very flaky! Kids were playing and making snow balls. I couldn’t help but join in as well even though my shoes were totally not fit for snow!


Amen. Praise God for Book 10.

Love the Word of Redemptive History.