Terribly disappointing BBQ beef experience@Mapletree, Gangnam branch, Seoul

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quanto costa Viagra generico 100 mg online a Torino I have no idea why, but my favourite BBQ place at Myeongdong, MapleTree House was closed down…for good.

acquistare cialis generico con postepay Couldn’t find anything in this trip that could match the tender juicyness of the yummylicious beef grilled under perfectly burnt charcoal.

comprare viagra generico 100 mg a Genova You can read more from my foodie penned memories here:

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We went to the nearest branch from where were were in Gwanhwamun, located in Gangnam. (Not exactly near as we had to take a long journey train to reach).

The restaurant looked presentable from outside. My guess was they had to due to its location in the prime area.

Inside looked pretty similar to the Myeongdong branch. But service wise, was 1000 times worse.

The entire place was nearly empty but yet the waiters took forever to serve us. There were several tables of patrons around who were local Koreans.

We called out to the waiter several times and yet service was not given. It took forever to serve us the side dishes and guests who came later on got their food and side dishes earlier than us.

By the time the food came, our mood was already sour from the wait and the indifferent expression on the faces of the waiters.

It felt like they intentionally hoped for us to leave, perhaps.

We ordered soju and beer – which never came. This is probably the most unheard of thing in SEOUL. The city where everyone drinks till dawn comes.

This was the first moment I disliked being in Seoul. We felt prejudiced for being foreigners and a waste of our journey to travel here, supporting a restaurant who appeared not to care for our well-being.

The pork and beef came after a long wait. The dining experience does matter to help one to enjoy good food. However delicious the pork and beef were, they did not taste good after all of the sour experience we had.

We gobbled up our food quickly and just aimed to leave as soon as we could.

And then, the next sour experience happened. Someone left a wallet under our table, and boy oh boy…It was a fat wallet indeed. The credit cards were black, and there was a stack of cash inside, easily a few thousand ringgit worth of Korean won.

We handed it back to the waiter, and not a SINGLE smile or even thank over the gratitude from him or even the manager present that night.

They basically took the wallet and nodded.

So, this experience had totally ruined my memory of MapleTree House in MyeongDong.

And we will never ever come back or dine in any branch from this point forth.

If this is how they treat the customers that care for their food, so be It!

I guess, having a meal with a sour after taste helped us digest our food fast. We headed back to Myeongdong to do a bit of last minute shopping and went for another round of fried chicken supper with soju and beer (since we couldn’t drink in MapleTree earlier…oh well, blessing in disguise).

It was great to see that Chicken69 was still around after several years! Read more here:


Many good ratings posted about their chicken but it was a Friday night and the place was so packed that the owner turned us away. What a night.

We settled next 2 shops away which had no crowd- hence the chicken taste as expected, was alright but nothing great to shout out.

Final night in Seoul. Still hoping for snow.

Kopi kopi time@TeraRosa, COEX Mall, Seoul

My baker uni friend who frequents Seoul has raved about the library at COEX mall and from the photos she had taken, the place does look really fancy and now that I had some additional time, I decided to pay this place a visit.

We were in luck to see the food truck scene in the city. My first time! Got to say, they look really posh looking! Each truck nicely decorated and the food looked super delish too! Would have gotten some if not for the long queue, and it was unbearably cold outside.

The whole vibe outside really seemed fun and I was glad to able to witness how the food truck scene was like in this vibrant city.

Finally..I’ve reached the widely famed Starfield library at COEX mall. Tried snapping photos of different areas but the panoramic view shot probably showed it best. Rows and rows of books laid up nicely in these curved shaped book shelves, in the middle of it all, stood a tall golden Christmas tree to lit up the Christmas atmosphere.

Whaddya know.. they have a TeraRosa cafe branch here too! And the place was so packed we had to wait to be seated. Cray!

We took a moment to chill with two hand filtered cuppas as we sat by the window pane and watched people passing by. Love the winter outfits on everyone!

Coming to cafes especially industrial modern type of interior designs really make me want to leave my work and run this full time! Dream….dream, dream, dream, when I feel blue.

Starfield COEX Mall’s Starfield Library

Center of Central Plaza within Starfield COEX Mall,

B1-1F, 513,

Yeongdong-daero, Gangnam-gu,


Opening hours: 10:00 am -10:00 pm (Open all year round)

TeraRosa Cafe;

Coex Mall, Store Number E003

Opening hours: 7:30 am to 10:00 pm daily

Website : https://www.tasteofcoex.co.kr/business-directory/where-to-eat/coex-site/tera-rosa/