Spiritual and physical blessings@History of Redemption Seminar, Ipoh & Mun Choong Restaurant, Ipoh

We were back to serve at the History of Redemption seminar, and we are were all super excited as this was the first time the seminar would be held in Mandarin, in Malaysia! 

It’s truly a blessed day for everyone! A day we were able to witness that language holds no barrier when it comes to Father God delivering His precious Word of History of Redemption to all of His covenantal people. 

One of our TLCC family members is also a big foodie fella and he knows Ipoh must-have foodies in and out. During this seminar trip, he brought us to Mun Choong restaurant for dinner. 

I’ve never been to this restaurant despite covering this area for a long time. Mun Choong’s food was one of the best I had eaten in a long, long time!

The fried prawns were gigantic! Juicylicious, bursting with freshness. KFC’s chicken us finger-lickin’ good! We did the same for Mun Choong’s prawns, prawny finger-licking-good!

The tofu pieces were delicious as well! Rather unique looking I must say. Topped with fishball slices, both tofus and fishballs were so smooth you could just glide them down your throat.

Among all dishes, the salted egg long beans dish was probably the only which disappointed, just a little only. Overall, the taste was still quite nice to eat, just that the rest of the dishes were crazily food!

The fried noodles. BOMB! KABOOM! Full of wok hei! I wish i had a tummy size of a plump cow so I could eat 10 bowls of it. How could a simple bowl like this taste so good?

Finally, a typical chinese dessert to end this wonderful foodieventure night. The gwai ling gou was alright, smooth and strong herbal flavour. They served the dessert with good quality honey.

My biggest regret was missing out on the suckling pig photo which was by far the stardish of the night! *pulls hair* We were all busily salivating nd devouring the crunchy pork skins and tenderlicious pork slices that by the time I wanted to take a photo…we had wiped the plate clean. 

Total damage was about RM75 per person. A little steep, mainly because we had the giant prawns dish. But for the quality of food we got..it was worth to splurge once a while.

Truly a spiritual and physical blessing we all received this trip! 


Mun Choong Restaurant,Ipoh.

511-517, Jalan Pasir Puteh, 

Taman Camay, 31650 

Ipoh, Perak, 


Tel: +605-321 2815

Opening hours: 11.30 am – 10.00 pn daily

Grilled steak night!@home

Sorry foodieventurers! I’ve Been MIA for months as work had been crazy and I had switched phones. I missed penning down so many great foodieventures. Time to reboot. Gain new determination. Ooomph!

Let’s start off with grilled steak at home night! Now and then, Ben’s, Publika becomes the source of meat supplies as they do serve good and fresh meat produce.

Tonight, sirloin and ribeye! Marinated with cloves of garlic infused with olive oil and rosemary.

Let it cook about 2-3 minutes on each side.

The fragrance of the garlic and rosemary burst forth after they came into contact with heated frying oil. The kitchen turned into a smokey oven furnace. Downside of a small kitchen with poor air ventilation.

Whoalah! The sirloin is ready! Sprinkled over some black pepper and oregano. My old rough sales data sheets back in the old days when I was in sales became my plate’s shield.

Used this opportunity to test out my new phone’s camera as well, the A7 Samsung Galaxy series. Not bad I gotta say, though the Apple phones still rawked best at this feature. 

Sirloin, pinkishly red on the inside while brownish on the outside. Purrrrrrfect!

Ribeye. Even better! Meat was crazily tender. Juicy. Protein overload was surely happening tonight. Ben’s meat produce hardly disappoint.

Now..just two more things to add in to make the whole grilled steak night complete!

First up:

My favourite…grilled onions! Cooked it with the leftover oil from cooking the steak. The best “juice” to have as a dressing.

Without a doubt, this was truly needed:

The Rioja Senorio De P. Pecina to dance together with the wonderful pieces of steak. Taste of cranberries, cherries and earthiness combined made the each bite of every chunk of steak felt like I was having them in the woods. Moderate intensity. Had to let this one breath for some time before the wine opens up. 

Mind you. All these..on a SUNDAY evening. πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ a sign of coming Monday blues indeed.