Grilled steak night!@home

Sorry foodieventurers! I’ve Been MIA for months as work had been crazy and I had switched phones. I missed penning down so many great foodieventures. Time to reboot. Gain new determination. Ooomph!

Let’s start off with grilled steak at home night! Now and then, Ben’s, Publika becomes the source of meat supplies as they do serve good and fresh meat produce.

Tonight, sirloin and ribeye! Marinated with cloves of garlic infused with olive oil and rosemary.

Let it cook about 2-3 minutes on each side.

The fragrance of the garlic and rosemary burst forth after they came into contact with heated frying oil. The kitchen turned into a smokey oven furnace. Downside of a small kitchen with poor air ventilation.

Whoalah! The sirloin is ready! Sprinkled over some black pepper and oregano. My old rough sales data sheets back in the old days when I was in sales became my plate’s shield.

Used this opportunity to test out my new phone’s camera as well, the A7 Samsung Galaxy series. Not bad I gotta say, though the Apple phones still rawked best at this feature. 

Sirloin, pinkishly red on the inside while brownish on the outside. Purrrrrrfect!

Ribeye. Even better! Meat was crazily tender. Juicy. Protein overload was surely happening tonight. Ben’s meat produce hardly disappoint.

Now..just two more things to add in to make the whole grilled steak night complete!

First up:

My favourite…grilled onions! Cooked it with the leftover oil from cooking the steak. The best “juice” to have as a dressing.

Without a doubt, this was truly needed:

The Rioja Senorio De P. Pecina to dance together with the wonderful pieces of steak. Taste of cranberries, cherries and earthiness combined made the each bite of every chunk of steak felt like I was having them in the woods. Moderate intensity. Had to let this one breath for some time before the wine opens up. 

Mind you. All these..on a SUNDAY evening. ๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚ a sign of coming Monday blues indeed.

Mac & Meaty day!@Ueno & Asakusa, Tokyo

It was terribly cold that day. Like face, fingers, legs frozen day. Despite the crazy cold weather, I excitedly embraced it through as the weather forecast showed the possibility of snowfall. 

Today was Ueno day, which fortunately or unfortunately, was the day which required a lot of outdoor walking. So yes, while I excitedly waited for snowfall, I was also half freezing to death.

I was so happy to see the happy M logo along the shophouses in Ueno. Time to hide from the cold for just a short bit in McDonalds!

My Bulgogi pork burger proved to be an enjoyable snack to warm myself up in this crazy cold five degree weather. 

In fact, the ebi burger was an even better choice for a short and sweet snack! The yumzers part was biting through chunks of prawns which were visible in the eye! The Japs truly didn’t stinge their ingredients even if it was a fast food meal.

Each burger cost about minimum 300 yen though. Pretty steep for a mini sized burger as you may possibly get a bowl of ramen with the same amount of money.

The biggest difference I had observed in my dining experience in McDonalds was how strangely quiet it was!

Every McDonalds I had entered back home was always noisy, and not necessarily clean. But over here, it was so quiet that people who were seated on the other end from where I was, could hear me slurping up my Diet Coke from such distances away.

The other stark difference was that, many tables were designed for solo lunch goers, and I sat on one of them…Table and single seated chair which faced the window, so individual patrons would be seated side by side with their frontal view looking out through the window.

And the biggest difference of all was that each patron was trained to put the trash into the bin by themselves. I know we encourage this method in Malaysia as well, unfortunately adoption of this practice was very low. Severely low.

True enough, the tiniest snowflakes did come down that day! Although the snowflakes were too fine and the snowfall period was too short, I was able to catch a glimpse of very thin layers of snow coming down from the sky and I was the only crazy person on the street jumping for joy, and grabbing the air in the attempt to capture the snoflakes.

Snow catching in the crazy cold weather (okay, barely call it snow since it was so thin and short duration) proved to be a tiring process.

After the stroll at Ueno park and the Tokyo museum (twas an enjoyable time there seeing a great collection of artifacts and art, but I felt a big part of history was missing from the entire display), I was dead beat and wanted to just head back to Asakusa early, and cook something at B Conte and rest in.

Passed by a local meat shop selling delicious looking chunky slices of wagyu beef! Okei. One slice of sirloin and ribeye please.

Yes sir, coming right up!

Although the cooking skill was a little lacking compared to top notch restaurants, but because the quality of the beef was so friggin’ good that the downhill cooking skill didn’t matter that much.

The beef was crazy tenderlicious, melting in the mouth like gooey butter. Although it seemed as if each piece was rather big, both slices were swallowed up in minutes. Foodventura gluttony mode on!

Honestly, with such fresh ingredients sold in every part of Japan, easily accessible and not too pricey for locals earning in Yen, I would really be inclined to cook at home more. Home cooked wagyu beef steak for lunch in the office? I won’t mind, not a single beat!