Day 2 spiritual and foodie blessings!@Yeoju summer retreat

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follow link Despite it being a hot summer in Korea in August, us Malaysians who grow up with the tropical weather quickly grew accustomed to the humidity and heat. After dawn service, I slipped on a T-shirt and my Sketchers and sprinted up to the prayer mountain. I surprised myself by climbing up in less than 10 minutes, as opposed to my previous years taking at least a good 20 minute hike up. Practice makes perfect!

go to site As I was walking up, I caught a glimpse of Rev Abraham Park’s resting place in Huisun Garden, through the shades of greens from the dense forest. The cool breeze blew over my face and hair as I gazed through the leaves. Another snippet of heaven. 🙂 image

enter Made it to the top! With the prayer mat laid nicely on the edge of the cliff, I kneeled down and looked up to the vast sky overlooking the mountains. Perhaps this was how Moses felt as he went up Mt Sinai. And imagine, communicating directly with Father Himself. No one could ask for more. I quickly settled in and opened up my heart to pray. The soft mutters and tiny sniffles from other church members praying nearby, would tear down any hardened hearts. As more and more congregation members gathered to pray, the sound of prayers gradually grew louder.

source url As I closed my eyes and tilted up my face towards the skies, I imagined the sound of millions, or even billions of saints praying, would escalated thousands of decibles. Gosh, perhaps that sound would resemble the flapping wings of cherubims and angels.


The after- feeling of delivering my prayer at the prayer mountain was always uplifting and encouraged. With a sense of completeness and calmness, I strolled down and headed back to the dorm to wash up.

The walk up and down sure worked up an appetite alright! I made it in time for breakfast and hurrah, bulgogi and sollongtang! Delicious food to consume along without guilt! Since I had some form of “exercise” for my body on top of a spiritual exercise hehe. Alright, let’s head to the next lecture!

Spiritual and physical blessing@summer retreat, Yeoju


This was my 3rd time coming to Yeoju for the summer retreat. And this year, proved to be even greater, blessed and humbling.

The fresh whiff of air at the prayer mountain,  my first stop upon arrival. The serenity and tranquil view brought a great sense of peace and gladness in my heart.

Even though it was the summer period, we were shielded by pillars of cloud, and blessed with rainfalls too, thus it was cool on most days here at Yeoju.


Why I felt this year was different from the year before, was that there was a great increase in overseas church members present here and we even had English worships by the Orlando youth worship team.

Father’s redemptive historical plan is flowing in fron of all our eyes. And we are all here being apart of His redemptive plan. His Word is reaching out to all corners of the earth and now, many have come to witness and receive the true living Word.


At some days here, feelings of solemness did come to me. Mostly, from reflections of my past actions of ignorance from keeping food and persevering in faith and instead worried and chased after worldly achievements which really mean nothing if they are without Him in them.

But He does know how to comfort us when we seek Him in prayers. With several prayer areas within walking distance, going there to pray and be surrounded by others in prayers…I was experiencing a little part of heaven.

And this year, meeting Sr Pastor Abraham Park again, despite knowing he is unwell, yet working very hard to write the History of Redemption series books, getting to meet him face to face, and having him to greet with me and smiles and blessings, I think I could have asked for nothing more but be filled with thanksgiving and joy.


Being in the summer retreat, we received great spiritual blessings and also physical blessings too.

We had good food, cooked by the local church workers themselves and every meal was wholesome and nourishing. Varieties of korean dishes were served daily and the best part of all, we never thirst after eating. No MSGs in any meals!


I had a rare opportunity to have fresh figs for the first time ever in my life. It may not seem appetizing from its looks, but they probably become my top favourite fruits since. Sweet and soft, yet crunchy on the palate from its seeds. Unforgettable!


Sollong tangs are of my favourite korean dishes and I was blessed that we were able to have one home cooked here. They were so generous to us with the beef slices and soup. It was raining heavily at that time and was rather chilly, having to sip this steamy hot beefy soup was just perfect!


The golden bell sisters were always so motherly and courteous towards church members, that whenever we came to the cafe, they always greeted us with food. First was figs…and now, home made cookies!

They were extremely delicious and our baker church member, Sarah, concurred too. Taste aside, I loved them because of the thoughts behind these sweet ladies.

I made up my mind to buy something nice for them from Malaysia on my next visit next year.



In 2011, there were only 5 of us from Malaysia. In 2012,  there were 6. This year, there were 13 of us. I believe by faith in 2014, we will double in numbers. The world is awakening through the History of Redemption series. And I am greatly thankful by grace, I am apart of it.

As I am writing this post, I am humbled again and filled in tears as I thought back of all that had happened to bring me to where I am is truly His providence.

Deu 32:7
Remember the days of old,
Consider the years of all generations,
Ask your father,  he will show you,
Ask your elders, they will tell you.