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comprare viagra generico 50 mg a Genova Demona: Indulgence. A place I visit regularly when I have a lunch appointment with a customer in Ipoh. This website will tell you in detail on how Indulgence was born into this town.

go to link Indulgence, and the way it is decorated, does get one feeling cozy and relaxed, settling into the mood for a warm, fuzzy, comfy meal. I do like how mismatched each furniture was from one another, ranging from tables, chairs, paintings, to teacups, plates and milkjugs, and yet, they somehow blended in nicely like one big, happy family. Julie Song, the owner of this place is a sweet, charming looking lady that never fails to drop by each table for some social chats and feedbacks. Despite being the owner, I constantly caught her getting her hands dirty in the kitchen too.

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see Demona: This is a bungalow converted into a restaurant / boutique hotel. Beaming white, strong and firm, confident, colonial like are the characters this place portrayed from outside.

Demona: Calories busting-sinfully delicious-sugar high dessert counter. Some looked interesting, but.. $$$$.

Demona: Dogma’s world. JENG JENG JENG.

Demona: Freshly brewed coffee. RM 5. The coffee was so little, and although the aroma was pungent, somehow when I tasted it, I did not grow to enjoy it.

Demona: My colleague ordered the “In the future” dish. RM 27.A sunny side egg on top of a piece of bread, mashed avocado, two slices of ham, and three chunky sausages tied together. From her ” MMMMM! MMMMM! MMMMM” response, I guessed the meal was satisfying for her. She told me to write this in TG.

N: “For all the men who cheat out there. We’ll tie your “weeheehee” down like these sausages”.

Demona: I can’t recall the exact name of this breakfast dish, but it was something.. original, authentic. If I remembered correctly, it was priced around RM 21-23. A curved, foot long sausage, with a cake slice shaped toasted garlic bread, scrambled eggs, some leafy vegetables, half cut grapes and baby tomatoes, and zucchini mushrooms (a little overly torched though). A filling breakfast without a doubt. Lunch can be skipped.

Demona: This was my order. Toasted foccacia, with baked beans and sliced sausages, with some tomatos and leafy vegetables. RM 17. NOTHING fantastic. I remembered I prepared a breakfast meal for Dogma once, with baked beans, tuna, egg, and butter toasted bread. Cheap, good and easily home made.

Demona: OOOOhhhh.. THIS, i like! Sparkly, squeaky clean bathroom! But not just any plain white tiled bathroom, it was a colourful one! With little plants in each cubicle, and a nice handwash soap, and colourful tiles. Makes you happy doing your little system cleansing business 🙂

Verdict: Nice place. So so food. Pricey (comparable to KL). I guess, this place has its own crowd. We were having breakfast next to a big bunch of expatriate mommas, busily gossiping away. It was like watching “Desperate Housewives” live. Despite the pricey tag, I guess people will still come for the wine and dine ambience on special occasions, or formal lunch/ dinner appointments.

Definitely a cool concept for this town, one of a kind. It will probably make it big too if it opens a branch in KL. Might be hard to impress Dogma though, since there are PLENTY of places like these in Singapore.

Chill out dinner@Sincero Wine and Dine

Demona: Located right next to Ipoh’s Tesco, is this wine and dine restaurant, named Sincero. Its design concept is wood, covering walls and floors of the restaurant, with dimly lited lights hanging from all over the ceiling. Some areas had high tables and chairs, for drinking, and some areas had normal ones. An area was built-in for the resident DJ. When we walked in, we came face to face to a bar filled with liquour, beer and wine, which took up quite a fair bit of space in Sincero.

Personally speaking, Sincero felt more like a bar rather than a wine and dine restaurant. Hmmmmmmmm.. at this point, I was quite skeptical about Sincero’s food.

Demona: Each main course came with salad and fries. The salad was made of slices of cabbages and carrots, drizzled with thousand island sauce. Nothing impressive about it. Even Nandos makes better salad than this place.

Demona: I shared a pepperoni pizza with my colleague. It cost RM 17.50. The pizza was too much for two to share if the other person also ordered another main course. We only managed to finish half of the pizza. The rest, we packed back to the hotel… which eventually was left to rot. (None of us wanted to eat cold hard overnight pizza for breakfast in a food haven like Ipoh).

The pizza was only average. They managed to deceive people, making it enjoyable to eat by adding a sincere portion of shredded mozzarella and herbs. (Evil Sincero plan to cover up for the lack of pepperoni slices in the pizza).

Demona: The fries that came along with the main course. LOUSY, LOUSY, LOUSY. There were only few pieces and I could tell that the fries had been refried. No thin fries can match up to Mc Donalds’s fries. Other than that, crinkle cut and coarsely chopped potatoes are my preferred choices.

Demona: This was the chicken con carne. Thin slices of cheese were wrapped inside a chicken fillet and deep fried. This was also another disappointing dish. Once I sliced through the meat, the skin immediately fell off instead of sticking on it. I ended up eating the meat without the bread crumb coated skin. It came with a pathetic display of steamed vegetables as well. Three slices of carrot, cauliflower and some chopped long beans. How, “creative”. This dish cost RM 16.50.

Verdict: The price was almost comparable to Chillies / TGI Fridays! (who are the few top kings of western food) but the quality is way off the thumbs up line. Besides that, coming to a food haven town like Ipoh and eating at places like these, just felt… REALLY WRONG.

From 10 pm onwards, the resident DJ would start playing music. The DJ was a close friend of my colleague, and he bought us beer. The funky neon lights came on, shining randomly away at all corners of Sincero.

Wine and dine became fun and dance. I must admit, the DJ had some kick ass skills as the music was good. It would have been even better if there was actually a crowd there with us. We were the only ones there. Mr DJ said that weekends would be jam packed though.

Alas.. this is NO place for makan makan. A place for a great party hang out, with booze and great music to dance the night away with. At least Sincero did not appear dodgy unlike most pubs / bars in Ipoh where I probably get mistaken for a call girl from China (Even when I am in my lepak T-shirt and faded coloured pants!)