A chicky-licious gem find@Don Chicken, Seoul

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Don Chicken, surprisingly was a stumbled upon gem find! We were trying to hunt for the Koryowon Sam Gae Teng, near City Hall, famed for its ginseng chicken with a jubilee legacy apparently. Several days before, we walked 2 hours trying to track down the place but we got really lost and gave up.

When we arrived at Seoul it was nearly 8 PM already and by the time arrived at the hotel, it was nearly 9pm. The weather was cold but not much wind, so walking around was quite lovely. Since I had been to Seoul easily more than 5 times already, I am bewildered until today I somehow did not have a chance to try SGT, a popular Korean dish. Since the weather was rather nice, we decided to try hunting for this SGT shop again, which was not too far from New Kukje hotel.

We finally found the shop! After taking one wrong turn too. And it was 9.30pm already and we were severely hypoglycaemic. But hey. Something didn’t look right. The shop looked empty and the light seemed pretty dim too.

We went in, and…oh gosh… They have closed for the day! *cries*

Gotta say our heart sank hard haha. At that time, we were just in “whatever” mode and settled for any food nearby that seemed okay. And there was Don.

THE DON, like the old time gang lords of New York. We went in and boy oh boy the rest was history.


The grilled chicken was SUPERBLY DELICIOUS. It was really hard to control the intake haha. Crunchy, sweet, honey grilled outer layer but inside, juicy tender giler! Plus, we were very hungry by then. This was nearly RM 60.


More grilled stuffs : cocktail of sausages, juicy giler. Perfect with soju. And for the end to another wonderful journey!


This photo didn’t do justice of how jaw dropping the size of this cheese omelette was. It was as long as our 30cm ruler and several cm thick. Each piece filled with oozing cheesey goodness. Guilty pleasures!


This grilled dried squid slices with roasted peanuts is a common bar or beer food, much like our french fries or fried chicken cubes we like back home. One slice of the squid, keeps all vampires away and also you might end up kissing your girlfriend/boyfriend away too haha. Nice to chew on with alcohol, but… Boy, you will morph into Mr.Deadly Poison Breath. No smoochey smoochey action even when you get high from alcohol. The sniff of the squid breath will wake anyone up sober.


This was also another food to go along with beer and soju. Some kinda fried fish that looked delicious, but this was a no-no for me. The fish was really hard and boney, apparently it is not meant to be consumed quickly, rather slowly chew on it until the bones break down. The salty savoury fish bits would go well with the alcohol.

Hard fish + boney fish = choking fish for me. Needless to say, after one bite, my fish was conquered by someone else at the table haha.

Don Chicken was really a great find, total credits to its yummylicious chicken! I don’t mind coming back here again for the chicken. The locals loved it too I reckon, as the place both upstairs and downstairs were full at 1030pm. It was Friday, that night. Hence I could see many working people were gearing themselves up to drink and get drunk till Sunday. Friday routine = drink till drunk comes home.


And on the way back to the hotel, we saw this mobile bus which the owner runs a tailor suit store inside..how cool is that!

I couldn’t find the address online but they do have chains of Don in Seoul and you can find out more from their FB page: https://m.facebook.com/profile.php?id=248860801973985

Sandwichlicious goodness!@Cafe Mamas 카페마마스 , Seoul


On our final night in Seoul, we decided not to stay in Oryu-Dong and moved nearer to town instead, at New Kukje Hotel (about 5-10minutes walk to Lotte mall and Myeongdong!

New Kukje hotel rooms were quite decent and they even have room fitted for 3 pax, with 3 super single beds inside. The rooms were clean and the staffs were very hospitable, and had good command in English also. The only slight downside is never ever lose your room key, which I did. It likely slipped out of my jacket while I was in the restaurant. The penalty fee cost us 10,000 won (RM 37.80!!!). Anyway, as painful as it sounded, it was true that this was my negligence.

Let’s focus on the good part, yummylicious foodie! Not far from New Kukje hotel (probably about 2-5mins walk), there was Cafe Mamas 카페마마스.



I fell in love with the feel right away the moment I stepped in. English Christmas carols Frank Sinatra, Nat King Cole etc, cozy layout, very much like walking into a countryside home for a hearty breakfast. They also sell fresh fruits and vegetables here too.


Most of the menu comprised of sandwiches and salads, LURVEEEE ‘EM. We ordered the ham and cheese sandwich and the portion was gigantous stupendous. Not to mention the generous portion of melted oozing cheeseylious cheese. Biting into these after walking here on a 1 degree weather. *swhingsssss!*


Kakakakakakaka. Am a happy girl alright.


The grilled chicken sandwich was like WOW. Was this jenga? I thought.
Hearty, healthy, and filled with such fresh vegs. Damn, there is something amazing about the vegs here that they always taste so juicy and fresh. The weather? The soil? The heart of the farmers putting their best to grow the crops?
It was too big the portion and we only finished half of it and packed the other.

Each sandwich cost about 15-20K won (RM30-40), which hey for this portion we might have been charged more in Malaysia.

Definitely coming back to this place for the sandwiches. Love em! I was told that at dinner time the place would be packed to the brim and there are queues normally seen outside Cafe Mamas 카페마마스 . After having their sandwiches, I totally understood why all the efforts to eat here.

Keep up the good work, Cafe Mamas카페마마스 !

Cafe Mamas 카페마마스
19, Mugyo-dong, Jung-gu,
Seoul 100-180, South Korea
Opening hours:
Mon – Fri : 7.30am – 10.00pm
Sat – Sun : 9.00am – 10.00pm


FB page: https://m.facebook.com/profile.php?id=251787678210462