Viet Passion@Chulan Square, KL

viagra generico 50 mg pagamento online a Milano Demona: My aunt brought me to Viet Passion for lunch. Chulan Square is one of her and her office colleagues’ lunch break place. She had a good experience on her previous visit here, thus she decided on Viet Passion for our lunch. Demona: I would say that the ambience was quite lovely. Chiffon soft, baby coloured curtains draped between tables, gorgeous Viet themed oil paintings hanging on the walls, faint instrumental Viet tunes playing behind, local Vietnamese waiters and waitresses, dressed in their traditional costumes. The only unmatching part to the whole picture, was its wierd looking fountain in the middle of the restaurant.

cialis generico mexico farmacias similares Demona: A painting of a Viet lady in her traditional costume, expressing her grace, beauty, maturity, within her mysterious physique.

source link Demona: Each of us ordered a lunch set, which comes with a drink, an appetizer, a main course and a dessert. There are several choices in each item to choose from, so you can actually play around with the lunch set combination.

key buy levitra online My aunt ordered the lemongrass drink and I ordered a glass of ice lemon tea. Surprisingly, both drinks weren’t sweet at all, which was great! The flavours of the drinks were emphasized with the submerged fresh lemongrass and lemon slices.

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follow site Demona: We both agreed on spring rolls as our appetizer. Each set came with 2 rolls. The spring rolls were definitely much more bland than the “Popiahs” that we eat here. I practically drank the whole bowl of sweet, spicy chilli dipping sauce.

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Demona: The roll was wrapped with thin slices of carrot, white carrot and bean sprouts. Extremely healthy indeed, but bland too. :/

Demona: My aunt ordered the seafood dried noodles set. The mee hoon was on its own, without any sauce, topped with chunks of spring rolls (the same rolls as our appetizers), prawns, squids, chicken, coarsely chopped nuts, with a garnishing finish of spring onions and deep fried shallots.

Demona: An upclose pict of her meal. It actually tasted bland, typical of Vietnamese local cuisine, but the ingredients were healthily cooked as well. They weren’t oily, at all. The portion was big for one, so you would get full by the time you finish your meal, without the nauseated stuffed feeling after oily chinese course dinners, mamak meals or western food.

Demona: I chose the set with rice and sliced beef. Beef is one of Viet’s trademark meat in dishes, thus I’d decided to give it a try. The sliced beef was tender, quite flavourful and the smell was… quite, meaty beefy. Again, they did a good job on the oil control. There was minimal oil residues beneath the pile of tender juiciness. However, a chilli gobbler like myself, I need spiciness! Pedas! Lart lart! I sucked the dipping sweet and spicy sauce dry. I’m a chilli vampire too!

Demona: The dessert of the day was a sweet sticky rice and corn dessert. The rice was soft and gooey, combined with crunchy corn slices. I was pretty amazed with the precision of the sliced corns. They were all so uniformly cut, and I’m sure that you could have a nice view of the cells inside the seed under the microscope.

From its looks, I was skeptical on its sweetness. As most locals already know, our redbean, green bean, gandum, bobochacha, anything starchy and rice, will be sickly sweet. But their desserts, were not at all. The sweetness was mild, and the nice warm texture of gooey crunchiness kinda’ gives you feeling of how you are eating your comfort food.

I did not finish it though, haha. (Did not want to overdo the calorie intake :))

Demona: This was the total amount that we had paid for 2 set lunches. It wasn’t too bad, I thought, for a decent restaurant pricing in the heart of KL itself. Definitely a nice place for a business lunch, but I would probably not come all the way on my own for a meal here, because…. I need more spice, more chilli, more kick in the flavours 🙂

Madame Butterfly@Forbidden City, Clarke Quay

Demona pop over at Forbidden City@Clarke quay after my company’s annual dinner.

The total cost for the dinner ( 12 pax) was around 4500sgd with 6 servings of lobster (around 180bucks each), abalone with vege, stir fried venison, some fried tofu, and some vietnamese fried stuff . I had a fish maw soup as well and it was pretty lacking in character and taste. Overall, the dishes was mediocre and the wine selection limited.

I’d ordered 3 bottles of Veuve Cliquot 1999 Vintage Rose and a bottle of Petaluma Merlot 2002 (too fruity, no structure), a Gaja, and some other wines. None of the wine impressed me.
I wasn’t happy either that the waitress had mixed up the wines, (pouring the petaluma into gaja glass), and the stemware were of Ikea quality. Come on, for this place i would have expected a lower range of Schott Zwiesel/Spiegelau or even a Mikasa.

We proceeded to the Cocoon Bar below and had the snacks platter. Again, its pretty boring food. I would not want to go further in commenting the food/wine. For the price you pay, the food quality, services (the restaurant’s waiters were unsure of what to do and some has limited understanding of English. They seem kind thou.) were quite a dissapointment. It is zero value for money.

All in all, this place seems to be a pseudo-classy-tourist-trap-with-nothing but fancy-deco and substandard food. If you come here for food, fuhgehaboutit!