fruity breakfast from SLICE
My friend, Kai just opened a dessert stall, aka SLICE in Far East Plaza basement, beside long john silver. During its photoshooting session, Kai passed me a couple punnet of Driscolli Straberry and mangoes to bring home.and i finish them all for breakfast the next day..
The end result….
Speecelessly yummy.

It was always a pleasure having fruits for a hearty breakfast..!!

Kabayan Filipino Restaurant@Lucky Plaza

I had a rough day at work today and decided to try something new after picking my bus tickets at FarEast Plaza..

I chanced upon this filipino restaurant at Lucky Plaza while searching for the famous Ayam Bakar Ojolali.

The restaurant is situated right next to it’s sister shop, Kabayan Remittance makes me wonder whether transferring Philippines Peso translate to good authentic Filipino food.

Anyway, back to the food.

Porky Sausage: Caramelized outer skin brings about a nice crunchy sweetness. However, the inner stuffings were abit too “porky” for me. The sausage is more like a pump up version of local Chinese bak-kian but with massive attack of garlic, onion and barbaric pork. Interesting but not appealing.

Yam Leaf Stew: This is definitely interesting.. A goo of chopped up green yam leaf. You could taste a good wokhei from slightly charred yamleaf, some sweetness, minor spices. Pretty close to an indian dhall but i prefer this more. However, it was a let down that the dish was pretty cold.. I should have asked them to heat it up. Good.
Tomato Beef Sauce on top of the rice: The sauce was the highlight of the meal. Sweet, spicy, thick beefy tomato sauce. It was simply out of this world. I could have finished the whole meal with this sauce alone! (i just asked the cashier to pour some beef stew sauce on top of my rice. I should have ordered it!)

Verdict: Total cost is about SGD4.80 for dish and another SGD1.20 for can of light coke. Considering it is situated in town, the prices is average. The dish is not exactly fine, but the others dishes were pretty interesting. I’ll definitely bring demona over here next time, and try both the Ayam Bakar Okolali (spices and meat rings a big bell in demona’s head.Ting ting ting) and Kabayan Filipino Restaurant.