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vardenafil senza ricetta Torino It’s been just too long since I’ve last posted any foodieventuring activity. Honestly, time’s been getting shorter and shorter.

go here Nevertheless, I’m still actively hunting good food! I’m starting to post the foodie picts up on instagram, pretty cool app.

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Sweet surprise@Cafe Barbera, Jalan Maarof, Bangsar

viagra tablets canadian sales Demona: Thanks to this card.. we scored a free cuppa coffee! Only the hot coffee choices are worth investing. We ordered a cold one, and it was filled with froth and almost nil coffee. Bummer. Cafe Barbera, was a real stumble upon sorta experience. Dogma and I drove by Bangsar after church service and saw this homely looking’ cafe, subtly hypnotizing us pull over and walk in.

see Demona: The view of the cafe as we entered really got us (especially me, excited). Its design and layout surely gave me a cozy, comfortable, easy going feeling which makes anyone wants to take a seat, get your order going and read the news for the day whilst waiting for the meal to come.

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Demona: The beef panini sandwich was huge! And they were surely generous with the beef slice serving. Fairly thick and juicy. We only finished half of it and doggie-bagged the other half for our hungry tummies later on. RM15.

blue sky drugs viagra without doctor Demona: They do make fairly good pizza. The crust was thin, crunchy but just thickened enough for a little fluff, chewy feel in the middle of the pizza where most the ingredients were laid on. Cheese ain’t cheesier than this alright! RM 20. Thumbs up!!

new drug like clomid online The food and drinks were really, quite nice and for once, I’d thought that the price was pretty decent! Enough to make me feel like coming again and again, for coffee, lunch, afternoon tea, glutton session, whatever.

Unfortunately, the good times were short and sweet while it lasted. A couple of weeks later, when I went brought my doctor there for lunch (whos also a foodie person), the price on the menu had already been jacked up at least 10 dollars more. GRRRRRRRRRR…
Luckily, the free coffee coupon was still valid then (I don’t think they have it anymore now)

Since the last free coffee… I haven’t had a chance to go back there since. Hm.. wonder how’s things at the cafe now?