Pineapple cake craze@Tan Sui, border outside Taipei city This old bakery has been the popular spot amongst locals and tourists for decades. Apparently famous for wedding cake gifts back in the old days, but now, everyone can enjoy their delicious cakes and pastries anytime.

go site What impressed me most was the wide display of free samples. Eat all you can. And even if you ended up not buying anything from the shop, at least you could leave the place feeling full. Free tea was also served to accompany you eating your sweet dessert. Cray! If this was Malaysia, the shop might go bankrupt! I bought a few pineapple cakes home and brought them to the church. Finished in an instant!


Another famous bakery came up a couple of walks away and I bought another pack of pineapple cakes to try. It was a whopping RM5 per piece!

Verdict: not bad. The outer pastry part was a little dry but the jam was quite delicious. My top preference still went to Chia Te. Can’t wait to tapao them next !

Foodie+nature venture@Yang Min Shan 陽明山, northern Taipei city

Today proved to be additionally gloomy than the first day I arrived in Taipei. We hired a van driver to take us through the YangMinShan, throughout the day. Heading up there was one of the most scenic rides I have ever gone through in a city. Tiny lanes, swirving from left to right all the way up the hilly mountainous tar roads, while passing by some of the most gorgeous mansions and bungalows built along the slopes of these scenic picturesque mountains.

I was daydreaming in the van, picturing myself strolling in the landscape designed gardens of my big mansion as I look towards the city down below, neatly tucked in by the mountains.

We were heading to the Yan Min Shan 陽明山 National Park is located in northern Taipei City.

First up: we headed to the park, a gorgeous y designed garden landscape with all kinds of unique flowers and trees, and I was told it contains all kinds of plants and trees that distinctly bloom at different seasons. How cool is that?

It is the oldest garden in Taipei, once only enjoyed by the Japanese and elites during the Japanese occupation decades ago, but now it is opened to everyone once the war and independence was declared.

I was thrilled to be able to see sakura flowers blooming here in the garden! Not just in Japan or Korea! Yayyyyyy.

Although I am not a big fan of flowers, and clearly I can’t distinguish one flower from the other, I was captivated by how magnificent the landscape was and to think these plants has been living here for hundreds of years.

They even had blooming cherry blossom trees surrounding the gardens.

I felt like I was attending a grand garden wedding, and daydreamed again that perhaps one day it could be mine? TEEHEEHEE.

If the weather hadn’t been so gloomy, the view would have been hundred times better. The wind was crazy strong and it was drizzling pitter patter. I was shivering, literally. Clearly I was duped, by not bringing over my thick jacket.

The rain got heavier and heavier. Brrrrrrrrr

We stopped by the town for a quick lunch. The road downhill was mad windy and I was seated at the back, which was a bad choice. I rarely get carsick or seasick, but perhaps a bumpy van and a crazy winding road just tipped off my tolerance scale.

I was so nauseated that I wanted to vomit everything out and I could not walk straight when I got out of the van.

The food stalls at the city turned me off from the carsickness and I had to sit down for a long while before I got my stability back.

I went easy on the lunch – a temple run restaurant where every patron just grabs whatever dish they see and like, while the chef continuously cooked to replenish the food.

Then you take a sit at whichever empty table you could find and bring the food over. The owner would calculate the total cost once you finished your meal.

It was crazy cheap for 4 dishes only to cost about RM60-70. Not to mention we got a half a duck! It was a touristy spot, but we were so glad that the food was not “touristy” priced.

We also headed to the post-volcanic park called Xiao You Keng, 小油坑

But it was raining so badly and the mists were so thick we could not see anything at all except smelling sulphur. Photos, were useless with the thick mist covering everything.

The journey back to Taipei city was amazing. Despite the lousy nauseated feeling, I was comforted by the view of the ocean as we drove through using the coastal roads.

The crashing waves and the gorgeous turquoise coloured ocean took my breath away.

We managed to negotiate for the driver to stop by another nearby town, 30 minutes away from Taipei city to get some delicious pastries and cakes from several famous-heritage bakeries! Stay tuned!

Yangmingshan National Park 陽明山國家公園,
No. 1-20,Zhuzihu Road,

Beitou District, Yangmingshan,

Taipei City 11292

Opening Hours: 9:00 am – 4:30 pm