Premium priced food court dinner@Level 5, Food court, MBK

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acquistare viagra generico 25 mg a Genova There are two food courts in MBK. One, with less privacy and cost, at level 6, catering more to tourists and weaker currency tourists eg: Malaysians like me. But it can be easily missed as you would pass through the another food court at Level 5, thinking that this was the only food court available.

source link We went in to the Level 5 one, not knowing. We were given a card each upon entry and charges would be incurred into the card upon any orders, same concept as Marche’. We realised that this was the premium food court when only Caucasians were eating and each price tag looked really premium.

click As mentioned earlier, every phad thai looked and tasted different. Yet again, it was found true based on this version.

see Slightly wet, but still rather spicy. However, the egg was just too salty. Much like how I used to fry eggs when I was in high school. Tons of soy sauce, youthful body to take the salt overdose. Urks. image

This was the clear style Tom Yam Kung, spicy as ever, but the flavour of ginger and lemongrass was heavy. I much preferred this to the creamy dense coconut milk version.


The first Asian we spotted, hurrah high five! Although it was premium priced, the service was no different. I still had to walk back to the counter to collect my food like any other food courts. It did feel quite like a rip-off but when I went up to the 6th floor to check out the scene, the place was packed and noisy and the payment system was even more complicated. I guess the extra RM 5 – 10 per dish went in to comfort and convenience.


Intercontinental Bangkok’s service was amazing (except the check in and checck out). Every guest is given a complimentary drink voucher and the drink isn’t actually shytty but the real deal with great choices: local beers, freshly blend fruit juices or coffee/tea of any kind.


After a tiring whole 2 days without much rest from last week’s travel, a short 30minutes by the comfy sofa and cozy environment, accompanied by this icey cold beer was a much needed break for me.

Looking forward to return home tomorrow!

Day Two foodieventuring@Kalpapruek, Emporium Bangkok


This place had developed so much sincs the last time I was here two years ago. This place was nearby Chang massage place, which we visited several times as it was near our hotel and a 60minute foot massage only cost RM30!

We walked around emporium and decided to have dinner at Kalpapruek (local thai food that had space for us).


Like A LOT of space. The decor of the place did feel rather modern comtemporary which on first impression, I would not think of it as a Thai restaurant.


As it was my first Thai meal for the night, Green Curry…one bowl please! One thing that I had deduced…no matter we ate our Thai food, as long as it is within the boundaries of their homeland, the taste and quality of its food can only be good..or very good..or very, very good.

I’d say..this was considered very good!


Next stop, Tom Yam Kung definitely! Although the pot was small in size, it was still capable of keeping 4 mid size prawns inside. This was the creamy version. Not bad I’d say.


Next next stop….Phad Thai! So far every phad thai I’d tried in the various locations, there had never been similar in taste and looks. This was slightly darker with rather good wok hei. It was fries along with sliced pork and pork liver. The liver part was a little too much for me. Got a little sickened after a few mouthfuls.


The papaya salad wasn’t bad, but just a little overly nutty that it felt like I was scooping nuts out rather than salad.


The unique thing about Thailand is that theie version of orange juice is squeezed from mandarin oranges! A little sour, a little sweet, and a little heaty too! Yums but cannot drink too much otherwise I’d get sore throat haha.

Total damage per pax was about RM40, not bad considering the amount of foos ordered…amazingly, we cleared everything off! Pants…tightening….! 🙁

Kalpakruek, Emporium mall (opposite Central Chit Lom mall)
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