XLP craze@Kao-Chi(高記) near Dongmen MRT station, Taipei

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Woke up early morning with the aim of having a hearty breakfast… Alrightey, hop on the train, to Dongmen MRT Station, and look out for Kao-Chi, a famous Taiwanese local foodie place, known for its delicious xiao long paos!


Being the gluttoney I am, charsiew paos would not escape my sight! Alright, maybe just this time, I will have them “sou” instead. (Influenced by seeing this plate on almost every patron’s table).


Oh….my….gosh. Fluff beyond words. Flake beyond words. Aromatic porky char siew beyond words. Do not be fooled by its petite size. It was quite rich, and having two pieces of it…I begun to worry if I could stomach in another 12 XLPs.


Boo-yah! Of course I can! Each XLP folded and steamed to perfection. One of the best XLPs I had tried in the longest time. The broth was so flavourful, and pretty generously sized tender pork meat too. The skin wasn’t too thick or hard, but just enough to give a kick to the munching and holding in those deliciousness without bursting.


Master shi fus in the kitchen working their magic of making patrons lips’ smile wide open. I wonder how long and how many paos these shi fus had to make to master the perfect skill of making the paos.

Total damage was nearly RM 60 over. Ouches! But, it’s good quality compensated for it.

Worth a visit, for Taiwan travellors! But to fully enjoy the meal, a crowd of 3-4 would be ideal!

Kao – Chi (高記)
No. 1號, Yongkang Street, Da’an District, Taipei City, Taiwan 106
Opening hours:
10:00 am – 10:00 pm

New tries during CNY@Home



I just learnt a little bit more about my cousin today. I never knew that he was a big time coffee drinker until he offered to bring over his Nespresso machine when I grumbled having caffeine withdrawals.

The pellets were flown in specially from Singapore, with the cost of about RM2 plus per pellet. I went with “Arpeggio”, with the “ooomph” intensity of 9 out of 12. I wonder why out of 12 rather than the usual 10.

The machine was a little noisy, but it did a fairly good job making my withdrawal symptoms immediately disappear upon my first sip. The aroma was fragrant and the flavour was dense, thick and slightly cocoa-ish. The taste was a million times better than the Nespresso machine in office using the flat-version of pellets which taste utterly bad and sour.

I’d still prefer the ground beans french press way which gives similar quality to this and with a fraction of the price of the pellets. But of course, this spells convenience with just a drop into the hole, and the machine does everything else.

Thanks for the new try!


My gf, LY’s mom offered us to try out her roasted “happy seeds” from the “hoi sam” tree. Outwardly, it looked like a chestnut, but elongated. The colour inside was yellowish like a gigantic version of a ginko. The taste was an acquired one to me…a mixture of ginko+chestnut+chickpeas. At the end of eating one, I was not sure what to make out of it. It definitely did not make me happier haha. But…it was fun to get to try something new from a tree grown in her backyard.


Mom’s ginko barley foochuk dessert is the BEST. You can taste the love in every bite of ginkos. I used to help her break the ginkos’ shells, peel off those skins and take out their ‘heart’ which make them bitter. The amount of time, work and effort..oh gosh..it’s madness.

To express my biggest thanskgiving, I ate 3 bowlfuls until my tummy bloated up. It was a happy bloating indeed!


Cute magnets from Taiwan! They are too adorable! Happy Chinese New Year everyone 🙂