Cup noodles are the in-thing@Mr Lobster’s Secret Den, Taipei image

Convenient stores are a way of life in Taipei. Every street, every road, every corner..lies a convenient store, including this shabby building as well.

After checking in, and taking a good 2-hour nap, miss tummy came knocking on brain’s door. Knock knock knock. Growl growl growl.

We went down and bought some spicy flavoured cup noodles for late lunch.

Mr Lobster’s Den dining area has a nice bar table with high stools with a view overlooking the neighbourhood.


After I left high school, I dropped the love of instant noodles after noticing that my hair strands turned white and managed to avoid buying them for years, unless I have no other choices left on a hungry day…then I would cook it at home.

Until coming to Taipei, I felt my years of abstinence replenished all in one week. And I know why too.

Damnit, their instant cup noodles tasted so good!


Each pack only cost about RM 3.50, and I fell in love with the one with sliced pork. Full of flavour and it came with generous pork bits too. The texture of the noodles was chewy, tangy and slurpy!

On the final day in Taipei, I went to Carrefour and bought back 20 bowls of ’em. No regrets! When I come back again, I am going to buy more!

First breakkie at 8am@Mr Lobster’s Secret Den Neighbourhood, Taipei


It wasn’t a joke to have a midnight 4-hour flight to arrive at Taipei at 7am. Once we hopped on the airport bus (only RM 20), I knocked out the entire 1-hour journey into Taipei main station. After we got off, we sleepily dragged our luggage bags for another good 15-minute walk by foot to our first B&B. This was my first time experiencing a stay via AirBNB.

I gotta say, my heart sank a little as I was approaching this shabby looking building. The images shown on the website only focused on the rooms and common areas of Mr Lobster’s Secret Den, but this was how it looked like from the outside.

I was getting a little worried over what I would arrive to.


Entering the shabby lift of this shabby building shook the nerves out of me but I was pleasantly surprised over how different the place looked upon stepping out the 9th floor.

A contemporary kitchen/common area. Not bad…


I slogged myself on one of the cushion sofas by the window pane. And napped. Boy oh boy, the journey was really tiring. One thing to note, no early check-ins are allowed (only after 3pm), which was a disappointment to me as I was really looking forward to nap on a real bed rather than a sofa.


After another good brief nap, we decided to walk out and explore the foodies nearby since we had 5-6 hours to kill before being able to check-in.

While walking, we stumbled upon a coffee shop decorated by a long queue of hungry patrons. The whiff of soya awakened my senses from a distance away.

Breakfast here it is then!


The first breakkie at 8am, was surely best enjoyed through having their local breakfast!


The yaocharkuehs were wrapped with a thin slice of grilled sesame covered dough. I loved their YCKs! So light, fluffy, fried nicely so as to not burnt at the edges. To top it off, dipped ’em in hot soya bean! The sleepiness was gone at that moment!


Now, I know it had only been 3 hours since I landed at Taipei, but I just couldn’t resist eating XLP, teeheeheehee.


It was a joy for me to witness what appeared to be like an entire family is currently managing the coffee shop together. There were so many patrons there, yet these guys kept their calm and served everyone swiftly.

Total damage was only RM15. Shrieks! Steal deal! This would probably not be found in Malaysia anymore.

A great start to the week’s gastronomic adventure! I am definitely gonna have more soya bean and yaocharkuehs in the coming week, yippey!

Mr Lobster’s Secret Den
No. 22, Section 1,
Chongqing North Road,
Datong District, Taipei City,
Taiwan 103