Overrated jap food@Big Car Wheel Japanese Restaurant, Taipei

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OK. We finally arrived at Tai Tung station and the sun was already setting down at 5pm. The B&B was just by the station and I was initially thrilled over the convenience until I realised how far it was from town.

Thankfully, this town provided shuttle bus service! For a 20min bus ride, cost me less than RM2. (Screams!)

The bus stopped us at Tai Tung City mall (the only mall in this town). Since it was still early, we randomly road around the streets just to enjoy and observe the life of localities here.

After a good 30 minute “exercise” walking around, we came upon Tar Cher Lun (Big Car Wheel) Japanese restaurant, apparently one of the top rated Jap places in town.

Since we were staying in at the coastal part of Taiwan, known for its fresh seafood catches, it’d be wrong not to have Jap food here!


The first and most important dish: sashimi! A combination of trout, salmon and tuna. After the first bite of the sliced trout, hmmmm….SO SO. I imagined the experience would be like Japan, but it wasn’t.


The salmon maki, was a waste of time too. Nothing special about it. The only good thing was that the salmon cubes were moderate sized cubes, and the wrap was quite big. If I was not indulging, eating this whole would be a meal on its own already.


The fried mushroom slices were a struggle to finish. Oily, strong pungent smell of mushroom, and just…darns. Lack finesse.


As the rest of the dishes came to our table, I was getting agitated already. Each dish that came was a disappointment so much so, the rest that came along just turned into a bore.


Maybe Big Car Wheel’s foodie objective is save the best for last. So you will forget all the less favourable experiences you had earlier on, and remember what is left of the good.

The soba was the only tasty thing served through my first dinner meal in Tai Tung. Cooked just enough to soften the noodles but retained a little bit of the chewyness and the broth was nicely seasoned to coat each noodle strip.

Total damage cost for the meal was about RM150. Portion was quite filling, but the quality. Boo hoo hoo. We left the place feeling disappointed.


It started to drizzle a little, but it was our first night wandering around this tiny town, so we decided to take another 30minutes walk back to the mall to catch the bus back to Tai Tung station.

No interesting foodie appeared along our way. Yawns. When we arrived back at the mall, it was about 8.30pm.

Oh well, let’s do the city thing. Shopping!

(After 10 minutes…)

That’s it? Haha. Okok it is a community mall. Good enough for small town folks. At least there is a movie theatre here with the life size figurine Avengers to greet me!

Alright. Tonight shall be an early night. Tomorrow morning…cycling journey! I was filled with bursting excitement. This was how one would react when one hasn’t ridden a bicycle in a decade or so, and to aim cycling through the coastal roads, with no prior stamina training whatsoever.

Jeng jeng jeng. Stay tuned for the fishing port post next, my foodie friends!

Big Wheel Japanese Restaurant,
No.287 Zhongzheng Road, Taitung City,Taitung 950, Taiwan

Dou Jiang Breakfast@Fu Hang Dou Jiang…’s opposite, Taipei


Fu Hang Dou Jiang. As a foodieventurer, I really DID try. This was where I stood when I arrived at 9 am. 30minutes later, I was 3 persons ahead. I turned back and saw 30 people behind me.

We played tags. I sent my spy to check the queue up ahead. Full all the way to the second floor.

Now my math is terrible (only scored lower B for Add Math in highschool), if I were to persevere, I would need to persevere 3-4 hours!?

Growls. Growls. Growls. Tummy can’t wait! Next trip then, Fu Hang! I’ll see you at 5 am.


We left the ridiculous queue and just across the street, a humble looking shop serving similar breakfast and oh well, the place was also filled with patrons.

Breakfast here it is then!


This zero oil roti canai-like thing is another local breakfast delight, supposedly eaten along with soya bean. It was so-so for me but the warm soya bean was oooooh lah lah! Great for a cooling morning!


We ordered another, served in a bowl, for easier dipping. My skin “felt” smoother by the sips!


This…was by far, my favourite. My first time ever having a savoury tau too far rendition. It never crossed my mind at all that tau foo far can come in other versions besides being sweet.

With the sliced crispy yao char kueys, spring onions, lard and meat bits, drizzled over with some vinegar to curdle up the soy, the tau foo far pretty much tasted like porridge but softer, smoother and less guilty? (Carbs).

I LOVE IT. Gobble gobble gobble.


This was another peculiar combination, a local delight as well. Roti telur wrapped with yao char kueh. Pretty hard to eat in one mouthful, in the end, we spread them out and eat each thing separately. It is strange to see how popular roti canai is in Taiwan actually, just that the flavour varied a little, with some essence of Chinese cooking.

Total damage: RM15. Steal deal!

Day 2 in Taipei surely started pleasant indeed! (Minus the boring 30minute wait).

Next foodieventure, where to???