John 1:4-5 @Taiping, PRU13

John 1:4-5 NLT

The Word gave life to everything that was created,
and his life brought light to everyone. The light shines in the darkness,
and the darkness can never extinguish it.

Indeed the rakyat’s dire cry for change is greatly felt in the recent PRU13. As a taiping-ian, I felt really proud of how united my town’s people were. Most of my close friends and relatives came back to make a difference. And we will not give up to demand UBAH!

The night before 505, as many as 30, 000 Taiping-ites gathered at the hawker centre to listen to Ngo Kar Ming the DAP reresentative. That is easily 10% of the Taiping-ite population!

I went to Tesco and bought myself a bottle of sauv blanc to drink while waiting for election results. Mom bought chicken and pork satay for dinner and boy oh boy…yum yum! She cooked fried rice with curry pork too. I was definitely preparing for a victorious celebration in front of the PC.

As the night approached, the unjustly news started to surface at many corners of the country. Whatsapp messages were incoming and outgoing like wildfire. By 12 midnight, my entire FB newsfeed went pitch black.

A dark day for the nation.

For consolation, I had few sticks of these delicious chocolate wafers from Milles Fuilles, bought in Japan by my aunt’s friend from NY. The wafers were of good quality, dense and generous portions of cream coated in between the layers.

However dark it was. Light will come to the darkness and becomes a day. Believe well!

Mamma’s home cooked food@Taiping

My aging doggy always shows his excitement whenever any of us come home. He was all smiles here, while I tickled him. Haha. Crazy fella. I love him to bits.

Only during CNY time! Will we see this actively sold/ cooked. Mom sliced the ‘kuih bakul’ slices and dipped them in beaten eggs, before sending them into the deep fryer. Yummmss….

Father truly bless me with a great family. Mom always cooks the dishes we loved most whenever any of us are home. She knows I love to eat fish. Sweet and sour spicy fish. Better than so many restaurants here in KL.

This is what we call a real prawn fritter! Many restaurants serve real crappy small sized prawns, or fried with overly used oil. “Someone” always steals my fritters whenever I get fresh stocks from home!

A view from Maxwell Hill at midpoint. Even for someone like me who exercises quite often, I was panting hard and sweating all over hiking up hill using the hiker’s way rather than the tar road. My heart was pumping real hard and all I could think of was to reach the end point asap. 30 minute hike.