More of Mom’s cooking@Home Demona: My brother made a trip down to KL, and brought along some food cooked by mom.
One of my mom’s trademark dishes is the Red Bean Jelly! I am an enormous fan of red bean-ANYTHING (bun, dumpling, dorayaki, ice cream, glutinous balls, jelly! etc). The key ingredient which makes her jelly a success is the red bean paste. It takes hours to make the paste! (She stirs it by hand in the double broil pot, using a wooden stirrer) It resulted in a mixture of some chewable chunky red bean bits in between the smooth paste. She does not save on the red beans usage, unlike commercial red bean products which are usually packed with sugar, preservatives, colouring and flavouring. She knows how to control the amount of sugar in order not to make it too sweet. The jelly itself also had red bean flavour in it, using the water which was boiled along with the hardened beans. Santan (coconut milk) was also added into the water to create the opaque colour appearance on the jelly.

miglior sito per acquistare viagra generico 100 mg a Napoli The jellies had to be eaten within a day as the presence of the coconut milk without addition of preservatives will cause the jellies to spoil if left for more than a day. Nevertheless, it was not a tough job! The jellies were too.. too… FINGER LICKING GOOD!

allopurinol drug interactions alcohol viagra Demona: Mom also cooked some stewed pork knuckles. This dish, by far, deserved my full brownie points. She knows that I do not eat the fatty parts of the pork, thus she always made sure that the dish had an equivalent portion of lean meat. The meat… Melts in your mouth! The meat was extremely tender, and flavourful. The long stewing hours locked all the flavours in the meat. SLURPS!

come acquistare levitra senza ricetta She also added a lot of mushrooms too. Mushrooms which had been stewed and soaked with the salty, vinegar and soy sauce for a long while, causing them to bloat, absorbing all the deliciousness in!

follow link This is an extremely porky tasting dish. It left me with dragon breaths after eating, until I went to bed. POWERFUL! For mom’s stewed pork knuckles, it is worth all the smelly air which I BURP-ed out. BURPSSSSS. Oops. 🙂

Mom’s cooking@Home

new drug like clomid for sale Demona: I was back home for a weekend break. Mom cooked her signature popiah (spring rolls) dish for us. She makes the best popiah that I’ve ever tasted! These were the ingredients which she had cooked. The ingredients ranged from pork slices, lettuce leaves, boiled bean sprouts, prawns, eggs, tofu chunky pieces, carrots, radish, long beans, home made chilli paste and sweet sauce.

Demona: This was the pot of radish stewed with “Bark Phuey” (pork skin), for few hours to lock the flavour into the radish. Mom makes this dish really, really, really well! I am a big fan of squids, and thinking those which I saw inside the pot were squid meat, I took a few pieces of them to eat as well.

Upon eating the second piece, I noticed short stubble hairs on its skin surface, something like what you can see on a man’s goatee. Feeling confused, I asked my mom on how was it possible to have hair on a squid. She burst out laughing, and told me that it was pork skin, and not squid. The reason why hair was present on the skin was that it was not meant to be eaten but for flavouring purposes. I felt sick right after. Looking at this picture again, made me a little nauseated too.

Demona: Wrapping my own popiah! Soaked my popiah with tons of chilli paste.

Demona: Ta-dah! DIY popiah! I think I wacked down at least 4 popiah for that lunch meal.

Demona: Another signature dish from mom! Her “Bark Kien” (meat rolls wrapped with beancurd skin and deep fried). Till today, no where else makes better Bark Kien than my own mom. NO WHERE ELSE. If she sells this, she’ll make big bucks. I promise Dogma to let him try out the next time we’re both back home.

Demona: YET another signature dish from mom! I guess she really pampers us well. Everytime any of us are home, she’ll cook our favourite dishes! My mom makes one of the best prawn crackers I’ve ever eaten. Many friends of hers already asked for her recipe, and even with it, they can never make the crackers as perfect as my mom’s. They’re flavourful, crunchy but airy in the middle, and her chilli flavoured ones are even tastier!

Demona: This is one of my personal favourite dishes. Her chilli chicken dish. Its curry-like, yet not too “lemak” unlike other chicken curry dishes which make me feeling uneasy all over if I had too much of them. She usually chooses boneless thigh chicken meat chunks, then stew them with the curry paste, until the meat become tender and the sauce thickens. YUMMY!!

Demona: This is also another vegetable dish which she cooks really, really well. Its a spicy dish, with a mixture of tofu, chillies, long beans, carrot chunks and pork fat slices. The choice of vegetables are of the crunchy texture, making each bite a real kick! SLURPS!

Verdict: Home cooked food in always the most hearty, tastiest, and most importantly, sincere!