CookiesWookies@Demona We had a battles of the cookies over in Taiping as both Dogmama and Demona made some cookies over the weekend.

los viagras drug cartel Dogmama : USA Hershey chocolate chips cookies
Demona: Local Chocolate Chips cookies + butter cookies Dogmama’s USA Hershey Chocolate chips Cookies: Dogmama’s version was butter dough stuffed with generous dose of USA Hershey’s chocolate chips. The dough is soft and chewy and without being too buttery. The Hershey chocolate chips gives a nice kick of bitter chocolate rush while you munch on it! MMMMMMMM HO Jiak!

watch Demona’s Local Chocolate Cookies ( top right): Demona’s version was chocolate dough punched with local chocolate chips bits. The cookie was crunchier than Dogmama’s and you could clearly see the chunks of chocolate chips. Demona complained that the local chocolate did not melt as needed to, and that probably cost a few brownie points. However, it is still a darn delicious not-too-sweet chocolate cookies. Verdict: Dogmama’s version is best eat alone to enjoy the chewy texture while Demona’s version is great with coffee (unsweetened and with a dose of Grand Marnier) while you munch the crunchy texture. Demona’s Butter Cookies: A close up of the butter cookies. A well made butter cookies from Demona, where the cookies did not crumble upon biting and not being too sweet nor buttery. It appears Demona has improved considerably in her baking kung-fu.
Big brownies point for her!

SiangMalam@Taiping Wet Market

cialis generico e confiavel Demona: Siang Malam. THE top five popular hot spots for supper in the wettest town in Malaysia. A wet market in the morning, a betting ground on rain for retired old men in the afternoon, and by night, a dinner/supper haven! This place was always packed, and the crowd doubles during festive seasons, especially CHINESE NEW YEAR! GUO XING NIENNNN GUO XING NIENNNNN. One of my good friend, WX’s parents opens a stall here, selling drinks, bread, small packs of nasi lemak etc. We always ended up ordering drinks from this stall. WX’s mom had always been very fond of Dogma. She always laughs a lot whenever she talks to Dogma, giving him a nickname called “Chi Char Kong” (Talkative King?).

original brand canadian cialis Demona: Dogma ordered a glass of Nescafe Peng and I ordered a White Coffee Peng. My all time favourite drink from this place was the Green Coffee Peng, but the supplier for this coffee just suddenly disappeared. Probably embezzled some money. Since then, my thirst for Green Coffee was left unquenched.

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over the counter drug similar to clomid Demona: We ordered a piece of toast bread with kaya and butter too. The toast bread gives an extremely homey feeling when I ate it!

Maybe it was the whole package: being back at our own hometown, authentic kopitiam style, cooling air at night and the best part of all…… DIRT CHEAP!

Two drinks, and toast bread, RM 3.00. Two coffee drinks and toast bread in Old Town White Coffee cafe, RM 7.00. Tsk, tsk, tsk.

Demona: Although we were both BURPING the whole way through from our own home cooked dinner not long ago, Dogma could not resist trying out some dishes in Siang Malam. After scavenging around, he ordered a bowl of curry soup with chopped bean curd skin, dumplings and fish balls with some meat in them. RM 3.30. The soup was spicy, flavourful and not too thick. It was quite enjoyable, just drinking the soup itself. I gobbled up the sambal, mixing it with each spoonful of soup. Dogma looked at me, and continued shaking his head.

Verdict: Cheap! Delicious! Great atmosphere! We will never get bored of this place. We will continue coming here until we our skin sag, our hair turn grey and we own great grandchildren. I hope Siang Malam will continue on with its business for the many generations to come.