Street Snacks@Tiong Bahru We had some street snacks just before watching WarLords the movie at TiongBahru.

Warlord: the movie is not for the thinking man. It is basically watching a butcher show with half baked character development.

Shihlin XXL Fried Chicken: The fried chicken was so so, slightly salty, and a heavy touch of sweetness. Demona would love it to be more spiced up!

Yakun Iced Coffee: This beats the Starbucks/Coffee Bean chain for its value and strong aromatic flavour. However, Kilinney Road’s coffee still gets my vote for the best local coffee.

S’ban Siew Pao@Weng Hing Restaurant, Imbi Road

Demona: My aunt took a half day off from work, so I gave her a ride back home. She guided me to Weng Hing, at Imbi Road to buy some Seremban Siew Paos. According to her, the stall at this restaurant makes the best Siew Pao she had ever tasted. We bought 10 Siew Paos.

Demona: When I opened up the box, the strong sweet and buttery aroma quickly filled the kitchen. Each of the paos was still warm. I only drank a “KAU” cup of coffee in the morning, hence I was strongly fidgeting away by lunch time (very hungry). It made the photo taking slightly difficult as my hands were shivering. Not the mention, how delicious they looked!

Demona: My aunt was indeed, very right! It was the best Seremban Siew Pao that I had ever tasted! The outer skin was very crunchy and flaky and I could taste the strong butter coating on the surface layer of the pao. The char siew ingredients inside the paos were very delicious! The sweetness of the sauce, its tender chunky char siew meat, the buttery crust… SALIVATING!

I believe I have found another place to buy some snacks for my customers (who eat pork). Excellent, excellent food.

P/S: I have a confession to make, I swallowed 3 paos at one go because they were just too delicious. BURPPPPPPPPS.