The Best HotDog, like everrrrrr@Harrys De Wheels, Sydney Although it was only 6pm, the sun had already set and the temperature dropped to nearly 10degrees. Brrrrr!

Mr Trav brought us to eat the ultimatum-hotdog-of-the-century. At Harrys On Wheels.

The shop didn’t stand out, just like any normal van stand with bright lights. When we went near, we saw many framed photos hung on one side of the stall, featuring celebs dating back, possibly 50 years or so.

The hotdog was about 8inches, with one fat, chewy, flavourful sausage lying on a heavenly pile of
minced beef, beans and sauekraut. Drizzled over mustard and bbq sauce. Aud 6.50

My first bite ( had to open mouth really wide). Kaboom! The best hotdog I had ever had in my entire life.

Forget the calories, the sin, the guilt. I, myself finished the entire 8inch of deliciousness. yikes!

P/S: not a meal on a first date, especially if you wanna score a kiss and more future dates with this guy. Why?

Mouth stank from the garlic and saurkraut. Then, the sight of you gobbling it up like a barbarian, sauces and minced meat smudging your face.

It was just too delicious to eat it like a decent fair lady!

Sunday bazaar lunch@Solaris Dutamas

I’m not sure what the Sunday bazaar schedule is like.. But whenever they have it on, it always excites me to see how creative the stall sellers are in selling their trademark goods.
For this particular Sunday, Espresso Lab was selling rm5/cup for a top barista quality coffee. Mmmmm…. ๐Ÿ™‚
And the Wiener stall stood out too. Two pretty girls in red dresses, red lipsticks, and even got their manicure coloured red and yellow to match their Wiener theme.
Heck, they even made biz namecards in red and yellow!
Sausages and buns steamed with cool looking machines. And the sellers raved on their home made sauces: for mine i chose, radish and mustard.

Rm5.50. Not bad, and tasted pretty good too!

And my re-visit to auntie’s nasi lemak. Soooo generous. Ayam nasi lemak, RM 4.50. My friend bought the one with sotong, for rm 4.50 too! And auntie gave so much sotong that they spilled out from the banana leaf when she opened up the pack.

Steal dealllll!!