Delightful Moosey Dinner@De Svarta Faren, Gamla Stan

prezzo levitra generico 2017 We were in luck to have the ever helpful concierge to give a couple o’ calls to well reviewed restaurants and have a table booked for us during dinner. With an estimated 20,000 participants to this congress, needless to say, almost all popular eateries and hotels in Stockholm were fully booked. Lucky for us, we managed to squeeze in a booking at this cozy italian restaurant hidden in the heart of Gamla Stan, De Svarta Faren. And boy oh boy, we nailed a good target. The place was so cozy, dimmed yellow lights, with old paintings and rustic walls. Felt really good being in such a warm and comfy place amidst the cold chilly weather outside.

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This restaurant gave me an opportunity to try the moose carpaccio.

The method of serving was pretty similar to the usual beef/salmon carpaccio, covered with rocket leaves. However, its thinly sliced bright red meat stood out. Very very flavourful… salty, some herbs. Texture was extremely different too. The meat was so chewy, but still tender.. nicely leveled to prevent anyone from choking.

The place was so cozy, dimmed yellow lights, with old paintings and rustic walls. Felt really good being in such a warm and comfy place amidst the cold chilly weather outside.

The portions were huge, HUGE, HUGE. HUGGEEEEEEEEE.

I’m guessing the concept is similar in each animal. They say the texture of the meat from free range fish and chicken are usually more tender, and bouncy and more lean. Similar here too, with the MOOOSEEEE burger. The meat was unusually red but very tender and chewy. Some might not like it, as it did have a pretty strong meaty smell. Like the smell you’d sometimes get in mutton or lamb.

The tiramisu was by far the best I’ve ever tried. Light and fluffy, and alcohol just enough to get you a slight kick. Check out the oozing chocolate. Mmmmmm…

The chocolate mousse, was only so so though.

For those who ever come by to Gamla Stan, this is one restaurant you must try. At the lower ground, there’s a tiny secluded area for private functions and it is situated next to the restaurant’s age old cellar. Really beautiful.

Estimated cost per pax with all the foodies that we have: starters, wine, main, dessert is about SEK 250-400. 30-40 Euroes. 120 – 160RM. Aih.. sedih, everytime talking about Malaysian currency versus what’s outside.

Kinda cool also to see patrons enjoying the pretty cold weather outside the restaurant, sipping wine and having a great time with friends, with their legs cozily hidden under the restaurants’ thick wool quilts.

Compilation of my breakfast sessions@elite palace hotel, st.eriksplan, Stockholm

Buffet breakfast spread proved to be really awesome in Elite Palace. Not overly done with its choices of food, and not under either.

They had all kinds of pate, ham and salami served with cold herring and mackarel.

Cheese: chunks of brie, cheddar, goats, mozzarella. Burps!

Bread: wheat, rye, baguette, sesame etc the list goes on. What is the awesome factor? Its dairy products eg butter. Mygosh. So so so so fluffy, light yet creamy. Swoooonsssss.

They serve home made yoghurt also. Vanilla flavour tasted really good. Then, i added some fruits, walnuts, dried cranberries, macadamia etc.

Swedish meatballs were awesome… Mmmm.

And best-est of all, a cuppa hot fragrant aromatic black coffee to take away and sip through your walk to work. Bring along a piece of pistachio biscotti to munch while the bittersweetness of the coffee sinks into your bloodstream.

Ahh. Heavenly. If i could have breakfast like this everyday.