Apom Chooi@Burmah Road, Penang

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Apong is one of those childhood snacks that you never grow old and bored of eating!

Local penang-ites and out-of-towners will come and have a bite of the sweet spongy Apong from Apong Chooi, along Burmah road.

What more can you ask for than an apong snack on a scorched heat day? Best part of all, you can eat them in the comfort of our own car, shielded from the sun and heat.

The last time I had it here was when the uncle was still using a cart…well it is great to know that he has upgraded to a mini lorry to serve his famous apongs to all his fans.


A piece of this with corn and coconut cost RM0.50. Eating this always makes me feel like a child again, regardless what versions of flavours of apongs they come in.

A must try for foodieventurers looking out for funky food flavours!

I respect him too for his tenacity for standing long hours under the hot sun to prepare his apongs. Imagine how many he has got to sell to hit RM100, 200 pieces! Really hard earned money toiled with great efforts. Respect!


Free goodies can really make one really happy@Garrett’s Popcorn


What a surprise indeed! Another company was giving out free Garrett’s popcorn at their booth nearby us. And thanks to Laura’s sweet smile and persistency in make trips there, we scored a free packet of Garrett’s!


Famous for its high quality popcorn and premium priced as well…we were beaming with joy with the free packet given to us. It is a mixture between caramel and cheese.

Every popcorn was sinfully delicious! Havinf a sore throat now..oh no…