Beer-less lunch@Brussels Cafe and Bar, Jaya One PJ My bestie just came back from Melbourne and knowing my love and passion towards good coffee, she brought back a pack of freshly ground beans from there! AWESOME! My office bound days just turned a whole lot brighter!

see McIvers is located at the Dairy Hall at Queen Victoria market, and the shop has been there since 1951! They partner with another family which helps them to roast their coffee beans, where as for tea, they taste, blend and import themselves.

follow The beans Neets bought are East Timor Organic, with notes of lemon and black tea at the end palate, full bodied and lasting finish. For more details on them, you may click on the link:
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enter Bacon and egg sandwich

After a good cuppa in the morning, that worked up a great appetite and Brussels it is for lunch! The moment I mentiones Brussels, friends think I would be having a lobster high session, not knowing that Brussels do serve lunch sets with salad bars than its widely famed beers.

I ordered the bacon and egg sandwich, which was pretty decent surprisingly. The bacon was a little fatty, but thickened. They were rather generous too with the scrambled eggs. RM 13.90++. You can top up a couple o’ dollars for a free flow of salad. I opted out as I was not in a greeny weeny mood today.


Waffles with meringue and ice cream

The rain began to pour down like cats and dogs and we were stuck in the cafe. Oh well…desserts then! We ordered the belgian waffles and instead of whipped cream, they served meringues. Instead of that being a bonus point, the meringue was not fresh and a little hard too, the usual whipped cream would have done more wonders.

The waffles were not bad, but they did look somewhat similar to the pre-made frozen waffles you may buy at Cold Storage. Nothing much to shout about for this waffles. Then again, I am not expecting much to be having desserts in a drinking place. Nonetheless, we had fun chatting and laughing over the silliness of many things while eating them waffles under the cold and wet weather!


Greasy tea affair@Pan Pacific Hotel, Singapore


I already had 3 doses of long black and anymore cuppas for the day…I’d get pulpitations. Hence, a change instead! Jasmine green tea.. freshly brewed and filtered by yours truly, DIY.

I was more impressed with the delicious chocolat chip cookie served as a complement. It was so good I wished they put a tub in front of me!


We ordered the mixed sausage platter (not too filling and not too light). The sausages were thick! And boy…they were awesome. Some were cheese, some were black peppers, some were paprikas, and some were original flavours. Crunchy skin fried to perfection and soft meat inside. Utterly sinful but utterly yummilicious! About SGD 15++.

I am impressed how good the food this hotel serves at the lounge, and you get to eat surrounded by a cozy and cool feel and ambience 🙂