Chiku Chips@Home

source link Demona: DARN! I forgotten to take the picture of the small onion, chestnut like thing which mom bought to thinly slice and fry into chips. She only knows it as “CHIKU”, unsure of what the English term is for it. I googled on it as well and failed to find out its name. Does anyone know? Do drop me a message! PLEASE!

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Demona: The “chiku” is small in size, thus yield of one, being thinly sliced is low. From what I observed, frying these chips required a lot of effort. Even mom said that frying this involved a lot of work.

Demona: The chips were really yummy! They tasted sweet and salty, and the texture was crunchy. Somehow or rather, the oil did not over adsorb itself into the chip which you normally get in many types (eg: tapioca, potato) causing them to release a pungent oily odour.

Verdict: After making a full small tin, mom decided that these chips will only be made for our own family consumption and not to be given out as the workload was too much for her. It is no wonder that the chiku chips are sold with a golden price tag in the market!


Demona: Dogma bought this pack of chips at the nearby grocery store and some beer to go along with our movie marathon night.

Demon: A pack of it cost about SGD 6 (one of the high end products in the snack food range). THE CHIPS WERE DELICIOUS! The slices were gigantic and the thickness was nice enough to give a power packed crunchy bite! The smell and taste of the herbs were very strong too. You could see the tiny bits of herbs all over the chips. They were not over salty too. YUMMY WUMMY!

Demona: We had lager beer along with the chips too. Stella Artois. It was smooth, fruity, sweet smelling. I liked it very much. A lovely sinful combination, salty chips and sweet beer.

Verdict: A comedy to put smiles on our faces, a lovely company to laugh along with, chips and beer to put smiles on our tummies. BURPSSSSSS.