Terra Red Bliss@Dogma’s Crib

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http://buy-generic-clomid.com/clomid_adult_dosage.html Demona: Dogma himself can’t help being a “Si Lai” (housewife aunty material), when he stumbled upon “Only SGD 3.25 from 22-25 April!” for all Terra chips flavours in Cold Storage. The “kiasu-ism” in him just popped out instantaneously and in no time, he was happily strolling back home with 4 packs of Terra chips.

Our routine “chipping” session usually starts from 10 pm onwards. Shows how much of TLC which we have for our little cute folding flabbies. This time, we opened the potato chips with olive oil, sun dried tomatoes and balsamic vinegar flavour.

Demona: I gotta’ admit, Terra chips do kick potato’s butt! This Terra chip flavour spells thumbs up! I could taste the sweet sourish tomato flavour on the tip of my tongue itself, and small tiny orange reddish tomato flakes were seen on the chips’ surface. Mild smell and taste of vinegar was also detected as well. I was glad that they weren’t as pungent as Dogma’s “old socks” vinegar drink.

The Terra manufacturer is very distinct and precise on their flavours. You can really differentiate the flavours as written on the packaging itself. Amazing job with the potato chips, you guys!

Tummy widening delicious snacks@Dogma’s

Demona: Chips are common snacks that we both have together, especially if a good movie’s showing on TV. The only difference is that, Dogma only has eyes for good quality imported chips, where as my choice is narrowed down by the price tag. Glad to know that these branded chips are still affordable in Dogma’s land (I also profit along the way..hahaha)

Demona: This was the Terra Red Bliss chips: Made with olive oil, roasted garlic and parmesan. NO TRANS FAT. 30% LESS FAT *winks*

Demona: Huge ass slices, crunchy, salty, with pungent parmesan and garlic smell. Purrrrrrrr-fect!

Demona: The portion was actually quite generous. A pack could fill up 3 small bowls. Chips were never too much for us “chip-sie monsters!”

Demona: Dogma’s supplier, who happens to be a Korean, gave a box of Japanese made chocolate cookies to him as a thank you gift for a ride to Changi. Sweetened sugary Dogma ferociously fought his desires against opening it, and saved it… for cookie monster Demona!

Demona: Cookie monster Demona ripped the wrapper apart and these were its contents. Cute, leafy green and baby pink coloured tiny packets, sealing up sugary treasures soon to be unearthed.

Demona: Light, crunchy and buttery baked thinly sliced cookies sandwiched a checkered piece of creamy sweet red bean and white paste. Could not really tell whether it was chocolate or coconut based. I am sure it was nicely explained in Japanese (but obviously I am an illiterate in this language), but whatever it was, the sweet stuff went exceptionally well with the cookies. The taste of both items was a brilliant combination, and decorative details were not left behind.

Demona: Lotus pandan paste cookies were found in the leafy green packets. I could not decide which was the superior one as both were equally delicious!

Demona: Japs and their intricate details, focusing on every aspect from taste, looks, presentation, packaging etc. Thumbs up to their great effort!