Kettle Cooked Mesquite BBQ

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I was trampled all over by chipsie chips! Dogma went chips frenzy all over, and bought 4 huge ass packs of these disc shaped potato goodies. A healthy pack of Kettle Cooked Mesquite BBQ shoved its big fat ass on my face! I was trying to push it away with my hands… but I sufforcated. *chokes*

Demona: Sir Dogma, bravely fought through his guts to release me from these savage chips. The battle was brutal. The victory was sweet. Kettle pack burst open, and these golden glitters were released. I was saved…..! *swhings*

The chips were extremely crunchy.. which was the best part! I could munch of ’em all night long. If only calories did not exist. Flavour wise, I think that the Jalapeno was still the more superior one. The BBQ flavour was too mild for our liking.


Looking for some delicious yet sin-less ( to a certain extent, 30%less fat) potato chips? look no further than Terra’s Potpourri Chips. Packed in an attractive purple but priced at a dreadful 7SGD, these chips has heaps of character! Its a mixture of slices of 4 different kinds of potatoes.
Sweet Potato – rich and savory in flavor;
Yukon Gold – our hearty, thick chip with all the crunch;
Terra Blues – exotic and vibrant with a slightly nutty flavor;
Huckleberry Red – bold in color yet distinctively mild with a sweeter potato taste.

Check out the rainbow-ish potato slices. You could tell the distinctive flavour/crunch of each potatoes when u bite into it. SLURRRPPPS

Kettle Chips: Yogurt and Green Onion: Burp!! Mouth full of onion breath after devouring the full pack of this chips with Demona. There is this slight creamy yogurty taste on each chips, mingled with some medium fire green onion bits. Overall is not bad but i prefer the Honey Dijon Mustard more for its TANGY mustard Tang!
Closed up of the Kettle Chips.

Calbee Teriyaki Flavour chips: This was quite a let down compared to the seaweed or spicy flavours from Calbee. It tasted kinda funny with some powderish nose to it. I could not really associate any kind of teriyaki flavor to this. Not good.