Demona: In conjunction with Octoberfest, Dogma suggested that we stop by for a a beer at Brewerkz while walking along Clark Quay (Beer’s cheap, before 6 pm). They’ve got a mini brewery area inside Brewerkz itself. Impressive! This giant board hung up on the wall caught my attention.

Demona: Interesting menu design. Took a shot of it in black and white.

Demona: We decided on the Indian Pale Ale (on the right), and the Hopback Ale(one the left). Personally, I loved the Indian Pale Ale. More bubbly, sweet, and it’s got a smoother finish. The Hopback Ale’s slightly bitter and less bubbly. I think if we have had a bigger crowd, we would have ordered in jugs (and I can drink more!). I would definitely make another trip back here for it!

Demona: The beer drinking got Dogma a little hungry. We ordered a Cowboy Brewerkz Burger. The portion was huge. You could definitely share this meal with another person. The onion rings were gigantic, and the french fries were fried along with some herbs. The meal came along with a BBQ sauce. They’ve got great sauces alright. Dogma POLITELY requested the waiter to bring over the Bleu Cheese sauce, the French dijon mustard and English mustard, where by they all made our meal kicked ass.
The beef patty was juicy and thick, and eating it along with the fried bacon slices… perfection!

The beer cost 6 sgd each and the burger meal cost 17.50 sgd.

Demona: Without currency conversion, the burger meal is definitely much more worth it, in terms of price and taste, than all the burger meals which I’ve tried here in Malaysia.
The beer? Enough said. I’m imagining the bubbly feeling and sweetness taste of the Indian Pale Ale right now.

Killiney Kopitiam@Killiney Rd

Killiney Menu: Simple traditional menu posted on the wall… Sign of good food awaiting us?

Grass Jelly Cincau: A pretty decent cincau, not too sweet just the way i like it. Nothing to rave about this thou.

Curry Chicken With Toasted French Baguette: Thick, cremy curry gravy with enough oomph to kick start your day. Dipping it with the crunchy french baguette is an absolute treat in the life!
Superb! (Tried this before @Siglap branch and it’s a total let down thou)

Kopi-Peng + toasted bread (kaya + butter): Again, the Killiney Main Branch makes a kick-ass coffee ice. Rich coffee flavour with hints of Nescafe? It was not too sweet as well which suits dogma’s taste buds. The toast were well made, eventhou they were smack with heaps of butter.. Comparing this to Chin Mei Chin’s Kaya at Katong, I would say Killiney@Killiney Rd has a better coffee and crunchy toast. However, Chin Mei Chin’s kaya is still slightly better than Killiney’s for it’s thick creamy pandan flavour.