Awesome breakfast!@Tiong Bahru Bakery, Raffles City Singapore image

Buy Generic Clomid Tablets Online After arriving at the hotel at 9 am, we hurried to work without any meals and settled all the issues before calling break time for our first meal for the day at 11.30 am.

TBB brunch was the perfect meal to get the mood and gear going for another tiring week of work ahead.

I had been bringing my friends here whenever any opportunity arises. This time, missey J was with me and I dragged her to have a buttery and fluffy bite with me at TBB.

We ordered the usual croissant (writing about this makes me want to have it now! sigh), the kouige amman and tried something new too! The ham and cheese rolls.


The ham slices were rather thick and it was quite peppery too! The savoury taste helped to negate off the sugary butter taste from the other two pastries. Rather enjoyable indeed!

Especially with coffee. Sadly the long black served this time was absolutely below average, and that did ruin the perfect combustible moment of fusing the two flavours together.

Not only was the coffee lukewarm, it was so thin like the beans used were too few or not fresh.

Since I started drinking coffee made from freshly self-handgrinded coffee beans, my palate could not bear lousy made coffee anymore.

The feeling is much like drinking good wine and sipping those horrible heavily chemically sedated kinda wines.


Despite the pricey tag after conversion, (which would be about RM7-8 per croissant), I continue to pamper myself by buying 3 croissants as take-away to carry this cherished memory of myself enjoying every bit of the croissant back to Malaysia.

Just like this aluminium foil wrapped croissant, I heated it up nicely so I could eat along my way to church on Sunday.

Missing TBB already. When will I get another chance of biting you?


A revisit after 7 years@Au Petit Salut, Harding Road


Vague memories of 7 years ago started to flow in as I walked down the steps heading into Au Petit Salut. I came here once for a business lunch and was blown away by the service and deliciousness of the food! I was looking forward towards the quality of our dinner 7 years after.


I selected the dinner set menu, at SGD 98++. You will never be able to eat food like these at the price of 98 MYR in Malaysia. Time abd time again I am reminded of how weak our currency is. Grrrrrr…

The first dish, the appetizer was the slow cooked norwegian mackerel with bergamot puree. Gotta say..this was quite delicious. The fish was fresh and blended in really well with the freshness of the sweetened puree and flower petals.


This was the cauliflower and white chocolate emulsion, and hidden underneath were pomegranates, topped with small drizzles if basil oil. This dish was a first for me. The moment I started stirring, bits of foam arose, like bubble bath. It was quite rich hence I did not finish it all, and only dug up the lovely rubies below. A little too rich for my liking.


After a rich dish, came another rich dish. Sauteed duck foie gras with chocolate drizzles, almond slices, port soaked currents and horseradish. The foie gras was fatty and the saltiness was countered by the bittersweetness of the chocolate and berry sweetness of the currents.

I gotta say, this is a rather strange combi in words, but an amazing fusion of flavours in taste! However, it did get a little nauseating after eating half of it thanks to the richness of the previous dish. I couldn’t imagine how my tummy would feel if I had finished the entire cauliflower emulsion.


The looks of the foie gras inside. The pinkish soft area was retained while the hardened grilled outer layers remained crunchy.



My main dish was wagyu rib eye with red wine sauce. From the colour of the rib eye, it was done as I requested it to be: medium rare. However, the finesse and tenderness was lacking, even when it was wagyu. The taste could not match the wagyus I had in Sage, Yeast and even the ones I ate at the Intercontinental Hotel ballroom launch last month.

The garnishes on top also did not complement well with the beef. Its flavours overpowered the taste of the beef.


I honestly could not fit in anymore food tummy by the time I took the last bite of the wagyu.

When the desserts came, I was hoping this would turn the tide around after a disappointing main. Chilled chocolate gateaux, with coconut sorbet and this savoury triangular shaped biscuits.

Sadly, they did not win my heart. The gateaux slices were too sweet, and I was struggling to even finish one slices of it. Thankfully, the sorbet was bearable although I am not a fan of coconut based desserts. The biscuit layers were also softened, not sure intentionally or not but it appeared to me as if air had already gone into them.


The best consolation was the good coffee served to wash down the palate. It was fresh, thick, and fragrant.

All in all, having a dinner with such cozy ambience, and food of such servings…we will never get them at 95 bucks in Malaysia. I guess Singapore is a place for many romantic couples! While a groan for many guys in Malaysia who have to spend a bomb to buy their partners a romantic meal on special occassions.

Food wise, I believe there should be other restaurants which serve similar quality food or even better than what I had here.

Au Petit Salut
40C Harding Road
Singapore 249548
T: 6475 1976
F: 6475 1966

Operation hours:
Monday – Saturday
Lunch : 1130hrs – 1430hrs
Dinner : 1830hrs – 2230hrs