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Dear Readers,
This blog was never meant to be political.

order brand levitra from online pharmacy However, the drastic turn of events back home has left us no choice but to voice our dissatisfaction towards the current BN led Malaysian Government.

go to site Mr Raja Petra (of has been charged under a politically motivated seditious act for posting an article on his website. The article allegedly implied that Deputy Prime Minister Najib Abdul Razak and his wife of being involved in the killing of a young Mongolian woman.

go site Businessman Syed Akbar Ali was also charged under a politically motivated seditious act for posting a comment on This corrupt and self serving government will never succeed in stopping the voice of the people while trying so hard to hang on to its power.

follow url True Justice will Prevail.

go to site Things you could do:
1) Log on to Malaysia Today to follow the latest development
2) Email to the Royal Police of Malaysia to voice your opinion at
3) Remember this and vote out BN
4) Pray for RPK and his family
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Lizardo@ holland

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Let us pray for lil lizzy, for she may be in peace now.