Penang Ai Jiak Tao Sar Pia@Him Heang, Burmah Road, Penang


tadalafil professional Milano The mural is finished! The last time I came here in February, the mural was halfway being painted by teenage school kids. I was amazed at their tenacity to sit here for hours painting under the scorching heat.

come acquistare vardenafil online Kudos! The mural is now finished on my recent trip here two months later. Although the old man’s smile is a little too wide and creeped me out a bit, good job done nonetheless!


come comprare levitra 20 mg online The box was still warm Thanks to Kelvin’s brief moment of being a history channel ambassador, I’ve learnt how the originator of this taosarpiah was actually by Ghee Hiang, dating its establishment all the way back to 1856. WOW. Imagine eating taosarpiahs 300 years ago. Now every bite makes me think walk down history lane.

dove acquistare viagra generico 50 mg Then, Him Heang came in to compete with Ghee Hiang, and innovated further by creating the Tambun biscuit. Competitiveness, perseverance, especially in business, are strong traits you see in the chinese.

get link Today, Him Heang has become a worthy player in the market. Always packed with patrons and half the time, they might be sold out and you need to come back later on to buy if you are desperately craving for them.

But the price keeps going up and up and up. From those days, RM 6 ish, to RM 8 ish to RM 11 today for the big box.


East meets west

The “food galore rendezvous” foodie gang popped in a few TSPs while waiting for our food…we were really hungry by then.

That was when both unexpected eyes met. Whaddya know the eastern taosarpiahs could have set eyes on the western italian and aussie wines. I am guessing this is one of the few rare photos on a TSP with wine.

Wine reviews : will be with Tatsu’s foodie review next!

162A, Jalan Burmah, Penang (near to the Penang Adventist Church)
Tel: +604- 2286129


Awesome breakfast!@Tiong Bahru Bakery, Raffles City Singapore


After arriving at the hotel at 9 am, we hurried to work without any meals and settled all the issues before calling break time for our first meal for the day at 11.30 am.

TBB brunch was the perfect meal to get the mood and gear going for another tiring week of work ahead.

I had been bringing my friends here whenever any opportunity arises. This time, missey J was with me and I dragged her to have a buttery and fluffy bite with me at TBB.

We ordered the usual croissant (writing about this makes me want to have it now! sigh), the kouige amman and tried something new too! The ham and cheese rolls.


The ham slices were rather thick and it was quite peppery too! The savoury taste helped to negate off the sugary butter taste from the other two pastries. Rather enjoyable indeed!

Especially with coffee. Sadly the long black served this time was absolutely below average, and that did ruin the perfect combustible moment of fusing the two flavours together.

Not only was the coffee lukewarm, it was so thin like the beans used were too few or not fresh.

Since I started drinking coffee made from freshly self-handgrinded coffee beans, my palate could not bear lousy made coffee anymore.

The feeling is much like drinking good wine and sipping those horrible heavily chemically sedated kinda wines.


Despite the pricey tag after conversion, (which would be about RM7-8 per croissant), I continue to pamper myself by buying 3 croissants as take-away to carry this cherished memory of myself enjoying every bit of the croissant back to Malaysia.

Just like this aluminium foil wrapped croissant, I heated it up nicely so I could eat along my way to church on Sunday.

Missing TBB already. When will I get another chance of biting you?