Lovely Hersheys and Dior

Demona: For desserts, my aunt gave me some Hersheys chocolates that she brought back from US. These were the almond toffee Hersheys kisses. YUMMY. I just loved the feeling of chewing and munching in between the creamy, sweet and smooth chocolate.

Demona: My favourite, was the mr.Goodbar! The crunchy peanut bits inside the milk chocolate, yummy!

Demona: And, yummiest of them all, my early Christmas present! I had a set of mini Ralph Lauren perfumes, and currently, I am using the last one already. Who would’ve known, I’ve got a new set now!

Thank you!!

Hotel Mitre

we both walk past Hotel Mitre today, off Killiney Road.
It was an interesting pre-war building in a state of dilapidation. The building was taken care of by Mr Chiam Heng Hsien ( old man in picture) and he had resisted his cousins’ attempts to sell the plot for the past 10 years, until the court ruled against him recently. The plot is estimated to be sold between 120-200 million sgd.

Not too bad for the topless old man in the picture. He will get an estimated 20-40 million from the sale.