Cool picts between TG sessions

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enter Demona: A super duper antique cashier machine which Monarch cafe, St Kilda, still uses for its daily operation today. Ka-CHING!

viagra professional 40 mg Demona: St Kilda is a haven for dog lovers. I have never seen so many people walking their dogs in one particular area before. Some were rare, expensive breed of dogs too. This lady was sitting down with her fully grown Great Dane. HUGEEEEEEEEE dog.

vardenafil contrassegno online in italia Demona: My shoes got “eaten” by the waves of the Great Ocean. I had to dry them using this tiny heater in one of the backpacker’s inn that we stayed.

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Demona: Cool, grunge, rock-like crib, The Coffee Palace Backpacker’s, St. Kilda. This place was filled with posters, flyers, brochures of local and international indie rock, grunge, heavy metal bands.

Demona: Stuffing ourselves with a slice of chocolate cake from Foster’s Cafe into our already stuffed tummies. A and I ended up finishing most of it. Girls = Sugar. The chocolate cake was a little dry. The manager that night, was also idiotic. He yelled at his staff, and gave dagger stares at Dogma for bringing in a half emptied mineral water bottle. Ambience was lovely, though.

Demona: A bamboo pewter bracelet from Royal Selangor. Zodiac silver bracelet, dropped 3 times at odd places (roadside, office, day bed), and yet it found its way back to me. Every girl in my family has one. Sentimental values to me.

Demona: Birthday present from LY. A beautiful pict taken by Dogma.

Demona: The gigantic candle on our dinner table at Moussandra.

Demona: GRRRRRRRRRR. We were fooling around with the costumes sold during Halloween in a shopping mall. Dogmakenstein.

Demona: My new pair of tennis shoes! Only 79 sgd! You can’t buy a pair of shoes for nuts with RM 79. SIGH.

Demona’s Christmas Present!

Demona: We had a christmas gift exchanging session, and my colleague Michelle bought me this awesome baking book! “The Cookie and Biscuit Bible” has everything from head to toe. From the Dos and Donts of baking cookies, decorating teatime muffin treats to presenting and packaging mini cupcakes. I love it very much!

Demona: The book boasts over 400 delicious looking recipes. I love baking books that featured the recipes visually as well (many picts!) and this book has a pict for every recipe! Thanks a bunch, Michelle! HUGS HUGS.