Hidden kueh teow soup gem@Chang Jiang White Coffee, Seksyen 17 PJ


These rows of eateries on the ground floor of the flats by the main road opposite KDU and Diethelm are known for their food and be warned, parking is almost always unavailable even when you want to double park.

We were in luck that day to find a double parking empty space right in front of Chang Jiang itself. Suspected it was because we left early for lunch, about 12 pm.

A bonus to this lunch was that the weather that day was cooling and cloudy, perfect for a bowl of hot and steamy kueh teow soup!


Steam chicken

We ordered steamed chicken, one of the top favourites here, as additional dishes “kah lieu”. After a heavy morning of meetings, with all stressed released, the big appetite kicked in!

The steamed chicken was a rather fatty chicken. I had to dig out many of the fatty bits, but aside from that,  the chicken was really quite tender and soft. Perfect meat for old folks!


kueh teow soup with pork

Each of our kueh teow soup bowls had additional porky “lieus” added: sliced pork and pork balls! While the pork balls tasted rather commercialized, the kueh teows were pretty smooth and not overcooked. The broth was not bad too, pretty fragrant. Its trademark was the addition of the finely chopped fried garlic oil that really brought out amazing flavours!

Some of my colleagues preferred the rendition served at Sea Park, as they add  chicken oil into the soup giving the soup its slightly orangish colour. To me, they are both good either way.

I had a cuppa of their white coffee too and was pleasantly that its taste was pretty close to the one in Ipoh old town. Not bad at all!

Total damage per pax including drinks was about RM12. Not really cheap, but these days, cheap food is hard to come by…even for kopitiams!

Chang Jiang White Coffee,
Jalan 17/1A, Seksyen 17 PJ