OK OK-lah dining experience@Kampachi, Plaza 33, PJ



I was thrilled and very excited that day, knowing lunch would be at Kampachi! I heard SO MUCH about it, but never had an opportunity to dine there all this time. Known to serve good quality Jap food, but it comes with many dollar signs of course. It is a norm to spend many extra dollars if you want to have Jap cuisine in the Klang Valley.

The appetizer was the unagi roll. 10/10 for presentation that’s for sure. The unagis were somehow a little greasy, oil slick taste. But the spicy mayo dressing helped covered up that taste a little. Average taste rating in my opinion.



Sashimis are usually the key item I’d look at as minimal benchmark for a good quality Jap (plus of course I love sashimis! Teeheehee). Hence, I chose the bento set with sashimis along.

The thickness of maguro and salmon were quite decent, and they were quite fresh too. It was a thumbs up for me, but a thumbs down for my colleague. She claimed the ones from her bento set had an overpowering fishy smell ( “seang mei” as how the Cantos like to refer to).

Two possibilities: taste is subjective or the fish used for her serving and mine were different fishes.

The unagi served in my bento this time for me, was really too greasy for liking. The rest of the items were pretty much so so.

As for sushis, somehow I found Uokatsu’s rice was still better.

The set cost RM 65++.


This RM18++ black sesame ice cream with mochi, fruits and red beans dessert…was quite average. I am a lover of sweets, so I could scrape through tolerating the oversweetness of the red bean paste. Just too sweet. Add a couple more dollars I could buy the entire tub of satisfying Peanut butter ice cream from Sunnyside!

The service was not very good either. They did seem slightly understaffed. We had to wait a while everytime we asked for something. Nonetheless, the restaurant was full on a working day. There are that many people who can afford eating in Kampachi! Wow.

This experience…OK OK-lah. I think I’d still head back to Uokatsu and have my Jap, and possibly eat a lot more with the money!

P1-02, Level 1 Podium, Plaza 33,
No. 1 Jalan Kemajuan,
Seksyen 13,
46200 Petaling Jaya,
Tel: +60 3 7931 6938
Fax: +60 3 7931 8294
Email: kampachi-plaza33@equatorial.com
Website: http://www.kampachi.com.my


Home made yummy dumplings!@Lee’s family home


An impromptu personal dinner invite by CK, and I was feeling highly honoured to be the only food blogger around haha.

Tonight’s menu: home made dumplings, by his wife, Fu Min!

Her petite and light body frame, allowed her to have the agility to dash out to the pot, dash back in to wrap more dumplings, made more skins etc. Now, this is some ladyironchef skills going on yo!

She even had Maria, her eldest 8 year-old girl as her dumpling tracking manager, who kept tabs of how many were produced. This kid could possibly be a F&B manager in the future!


Every ingredient was made from scratch. The dumpling skin, required hard efforts of moulding, shaping, rolling into tangy, chewy, supple sumpling skins.

The meat ingredients inside: added with herbs, spices, chopped garlic, and meat nicely pounded to form a lovely uniformed mixture.


Tad-ah! These beauties are all wrapped nicely like christmas presents!

She also sells pre-made dumplings like these to customers and households within the vicinity of their home.

Foodieventurers out there..Worth every penny yo for families who want fresh and health home made dumplings!


These babies are bow thrown into the hot pot of broth. I helped out with stirring the pot and adding water (that was about the most useful thing I could offer in this process haha).


The boiling and cooking part only took a mere 5 minutes or so, and whoah-lah! These beauties are ready!

Now this is what I call..sincerely cooked food with all the love and passion added into it. Spicy lovers like myself, prepped a small bowl of soy sauce mixed with dried shrimps chilli paste and chopped garlic as a dipping sauce. And now…let the hunger games begin!


The great part about the dumpling was that the skin was tangy and fresh, and the minced meat inside was good quality, nice flavoured and once you ate them, you would know….”this feels like home”. An added kick, is that not only did it taste home made, the flavour and feel of his wife’s home culture in China somehow infused in.

I was told that they served this during their time in China, to friends and families who visit them over a meal, and just have relax and have a good time eating plates and plates of dumplings over a cold drink/beer….. well in this case, we were washing our food down with Black Nikka and Ballentines gold 12 years, teeheehee.

Maria and I had a dumpling challenge. 20 pieces no less! But I waved the white flag shamelessly. By the 15th piece, my tummy was shutting its doors already while the kid was still pushing it on over 20 pieces. Gosh….youth, oh youth!

It was fun filled time catching up with the family and also witnessed how dumplings were made following the style of her Chinese home town.

Foodieventurers who are sold by my story and are keen to try out ladyironchef Fu Min’s home made pre-cooked dumplings (I guarantee as a sincere foodventurer that you won regret it!)….you may call CK : 018 760 6888 🙂