Porning. I meant Prawning

go here I went for my first Prawning session yesterday and caught about 8 mid sized udang galah in 1.5hours.
The prawning cost was about $15dollars per session and it was pretty fun to fight it out with the jumbo prawns lurking in the murky dark water…

And nothing beats the feeling of eating your prized catch on the day itself. I took out 3 prawns and prepared them for dinner before chucking the rest in the freezer for tomorrow nights dinner. Be patient and i’ll do a Pepsi Test on the taste of frozen prawns and non-frozen live prawns.

Blue eyed Prawns: Angry prawn starting in to your eyes and waiting to Snip Snip Snip…Beware!
Prawns on Parade: Cleansed and glistened in garlic butter with some Sarawakian Black Pepper awaiting to be BBQ in my little toaster. MMMMMMMM!
Orange Prawns: Sign of a well done prawns. The meat is pretty tender and moist with some tangy bite of the garlic butter/pepper. Not too bad! Too bad the egg roe is not as thick/alot compared to the famed Kuala Kangsar Udang Galah! SLURPY!
Peeled Prawns: Juicy juicy juicy…. POKE!

Verdict: Fresh prawns without being frozen and minimal cooking. Texture was pretty firm and juicy. I’ll cook up some more prawns after it has been frozen and see how it fare.

Btw, Demona, competition set on next Friday for a 1 hr prawning race. Who get the least prawn cleans the room!