Amazing home cooked Korean meal@The Lord’s Covenant Church, Phileo Damansara

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We were extremely blessed with a special fellowship home cooked korean meal by Elder Choi’s family. The aroma of the freshly made kimchi filled the air and the loud chitter chatters from everyone showed how excited everyone was to dig in!

The sliced pork with onions were amazing. These sliced goodies were marinated overnight and cooked early in the morning. Tender, flavourful, hints of smokey wood. Darns. I wanted to have round 2 of it!


Home cooked kimchi

Eldress placed a big plate of kimchi on each table. She said they were prepared two days ago. Cross my heart and hope to live, it was one of the best kimchis I had ever tasted in my entire life! The vegs were fresh and they had just about the right level of spiciness. AMAZING. The loud chatters gradually died down because everyone was so focused on eating!


The home made korean style tamago was cooked by their daughter, Kimberley and boy oh boy…chef skills run in this family! Fluffy eggs with chopped spring onions and seaweed. Yummylicious!


One more side dish to add into this delicious mesh up! Gogumasun, sweet potato shoots blanched to soften and seasoned, and then lightly stir fried. Apparently, low in saturated fats, good for dieters!

Now, my plate filled all the yummy food was quickly gone and I held back my temptation with 110% mental strength and refrained from bowl 2!


Today, we were also greeted with freshly chopped and marinated cucumbers as a side dish for our ayam rendang nasi lemak! They served to cool off the sambalicious spicy taste from the gravy. Korean-malaysian fusion meal!


Happy New Year everyone! @Foodventuras


By grace of Father..i am led to Pyung Kang Cheil through Singapore..and He never once let me go..until The Lord’s Covenant Church is established and I am guided here.

17th December, marks a great and victorious day for The Word of God, Sr Pastor Rev. Abraham Park, PKC and its branch churches all around the world. An amazing blessing of Day of Purim given before 2013 ends.

As the years passed, my priorities and commitments shifted. Fireworks, parties and drinks for New Year all seem meaningless and I’d rather spend the final hours in His sanctuary and in prayers.

2014 message by Sr Pastor Rev. Abraham Park this New Year morning, is to believe in God without doubt..that He will bless us thousand folds of blessings. The unexplainable joy seeing him smile.

Happy and blessed new year 2014 to everyone! I pray that we will all abide in Psalms 109:115.

I’ll leave you with an adorable art piece by the TLCC kids, created as an expression of thanksgiving for a brand new year ๐Ÿ™‚