History of Redemption Seminar, 18th March – First Time in Mandarin!@Canning Garden Methodist church, Ipoh


go here Wonderful news indeed! What great joy it is to know that there will be a History of Redemption Seminar, held in Mandarin for the first time ever in Malaysia!

http://thefoolishobsession.com/tag/brands-rmj/ Let language not be a barrier for man to draw close to the Word of God, the living water, springing forth from the bible through this appointed and blessed time given by God.

follow url Don’t miss out on this opportunity and sign up for the seminar. The blessing beyond any worldly comprehension will be poured forth upon all of our hearts here!

blue pill viagra wikipedia drug Date: 18th March 2017 (Saturday)

cialis generico acquisto on line Venue: Canning Garden Methodist Church, Ipoh 

go site Time : 8.30 am – 3.00 pm

Pre-CNY BBQ dinner with The Lord’s Covenant Church MNMfamily@Eld Mag’s

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go to site TLCC organised the first fellowship BBQ dinner prior to the CNY festive season, hosted by Eld. Mag, at her home at one the condos in MK.

farmacia online viagra generico 50 mg a Napoli The BBQ area was really beautiful, lush green surroundings with metal-like fencing design giving it a really modern Zen feel, not to mention an infinity pool with its edge overlooking this view. My biggest regret was not bringing my swimsuit over!

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The mothers were swift, capable and efficient in their grilling abilities. It ain’t easy standing in front of that heat at a 32degree weather! Can’t wait to get my first bite!


A combustion of grilled deliciousness: sausages, Sam geop sal (3-layer fat pork slices), chicken wings. Complemented with spicy soy bean paste. Kaboom!


A little flavour of the western world of course, and to balance off the overmeatyness, some vegs and grilled corn 🙂


Guess the kids were the happiest bunch of ’em all. Play, eat. Eat, play again. Hungry, then eat again. Full, then play again. Repeat this recipe for 5 hours = happy smiley kiddos.



It was also our beloved Ps David’s birthday the following day, so after we have finished our dinner and packed up, we ended this wonderful fellowship time with slices of sweetness. Black forest and fruit cake from Boite De Bijoux bakery, at Desa Sri Hartamas. Not bad, the black forest was actually quite dense. I enjoyed my slice very much.

Looking forward to TLCC’s next fellowship, Amen!

P/S: note to myself, bring swimsuit please!