Christmas Slumber Party@House, Kota Kemuning Demona: My colleagues and I (around 12 of us) gathered at my boss’s rented house for a Christmas party night out. We allocated a budget of RM100 for the food expenditure, and the food below were what we ended up with.

Demona: Egg sandwiches! SY boiled a couple of eggs, and we mashed them, and mixed them with some sandwich spread, and slapped them in between two slices of white bread. SY did all the trimmings to make each piece looked pretty.

Demona: Tuna sandwiches! Catered to the egg-haters eg: VV.

Demona: SY also cooked some sausages, and cut them into cocktail sizes. SLURPS!

Demona: We also bought some cheese and crackers. We bought the Happy Cow cheese, one was cream and the other was mushroom flavoured. The cheese (though extremely sinful) was creamy delicious! It went perfectly well with the cracker. PL found pleasure in eating the sausage slapped on with the cheese.

Demona: YUMMY, YUMMY cheese… can eat it just like that.

Demona: We needed some meat for the carnivorous diet people, therefore TC bought a bucketful of KFCs. Being extremely thoughtful, he persuaded the staff there to give as many drumsticks as possible for us. “YESSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS….?”

Demona: We found out another colleague of ours, LY enjoys cooking and baking! Being a real sweetie, she baked us some chocolate cakes, which tasted extremely delicious! They were very rich in chocolate, yet had high moisture locked inside them. If we had vanilla ice cream, this would have been an orgasmic combination! She also invited me to bake at her place the next time she craves for some sweet smelling, buttery treats!

Verdict: The rest of the money went to drinks and alcohol. The food may not seem great but with the sincere efforts put in to prepare all these as well as a company of great people, this dinner was definitely one of the most enjoyable ones we had this year.