Foodiventure of 4 musketeers@Le Pont Boulangerie, Old Klang Road


It is rather hard these days to meet up with old friends, especially with the hectic work schedules each of us are individually bogged down with.

Finally, we got our rendezvous time in conjunction with SJ’s belated birthday celebratory occasion. We came to Le Pont Boulangerie, a bakery-cafe-dining themed eatery located at Old Klang Road.

I was impressed by the design of the place : modern, contemporary, chic feel. It was crowded at dinner time. Seeing the forthcoming ambience, I was looking forward to trying their food. 


The 3 lovely musketeers had done the pre-ordering and the first dish was the cream of mushroom starter. Presentation wise: thumbs up. Taste, on other hand was quite a let down. The soup was slightly burnt and it was quite painful to finish it, even with 4 mouths.

And we noticed one thing.


The image on the menu did differ alot from what was served to us. Haha. The chef muskateer Douf was the first to notice it, and pointed out the difference. Only then did I realise, those shriveled up little fellas on the thinly sliced bread were actually mushroom slices. I thought they were garlic slices!

Then we noticed the teeny weeny, small print at the utmost corner part of the page in the menu : image may not be representative, for illustration purpose only.


Oh well, we had a good laugh with our “garlic” burnt mushroom soup as a start while we catch up on each others’ lives.


The baked onions, olives with anchovies paste pastry appetisers were the best dish served at dinner in my opinion. Not bad, but won’t say it was mind blowing. The real one also looked different from the menu but yes, we acknowledged the fine print disclaimer.


After two rounds of appetizer dishes, the mains came. By now, my enthusiasm had gone down by half. Presentation wise, I think the mains were good.

Now, let’s start with the beef. Looked tasty, but I was fooled. The beef was overcooked, too chewy and if I could sum it all, hard. We could not finish it in the end, and left a portion behind. This cost RM40 bucks over btw. Ouches!


The chicken with mustard sauce, tomato based dressing and sweet potato mesh was also a let down in our opinion.

The barista muskateer liked the sweet potato best, which should not be the main highlight of a chicken dish. I could hardly taste the dijon mustard and the meat was also not tender. This was also RM40 ish for us (including all the ++++++). For one drumstick, I really thought it was overpriced!


For me, among all 3 mains, the lamb shank was the one that turned our dampened mood around. Thank goodness the meat was tender, and though the sauce was indifferent (can’t make out its uniqueness. Just salty, and slightly spicy from the capsicums). All in all, it felt like a protein bulking up marathon. Ignore the taste, eat to bulk. This was also RM40 plus.

I guess, that is just me. Ambience is always good, but the food must always be the key pull factor. When the mains were cleared from our tables, all 4 muskateers were still half full but we didn’t have the heart to order more. We also took notice of several dessert dishes served to the tables near by, but from their outlook, our chef mustakeer Douf also shook her head in disagreement to order more.


The only one that probably tried to help the wounds on our hearts was the cuppa latte. Since I am not a latte person, I may not good in my opinions but I would say the latte was pretty decent. Milk was not the most smooth, but the coffee taste was sufficient. Our barista muskateer chica HT gave a thumbs up and indicated that the latte was good to go.

At least we ended the dinner at Le Pont, with a positive caffeine kick for round 2!

My personal opinion : I’d probably won’t be heading back here for dining, but the mustakeers did say their breads were quite good. I might just one day, come here to test the breads….if I ever pass by Old Klang Road.


Round 2 was much more fun! And sinful. Lol. We had pretzels, chips, cheese, vinos. Calorie maximum, but hey, with good company, calories are worth the investment!

And we had Teresa Teng dendang-ing lagu at the background. What a combination haha.


I had an opportunity to try this vino, directly from the vineyard itself. Thanks to the wonderful birthday muskateer who opened this bottle, I had a wonderful experience of a 2009 riserva, beautiful, elegant, the longer it breathed, the more profound it became.


Now, after two bottles of vino, this is what happened. The sudden urge to compete in accuracy… With a game of mini pool! I think we laughed more than we ever did in a long time, at our own jokes and action!

Round 3: when shall we meet again, 4 mustakeers?

Address oxford online pharmacy clomid for sale :
Le Pont Boulangerie et Café
Lot 6, Jalan 1/137C,
Batu 5, Jalan Kelang Lama,
58000 Kuala Lumpur.
Tel: 03-77858828
Opening hours:
Sun – Thurs : 8am – 12am
Fri – Sat : 8am – 2am
Bakery : 8am – 10pm
(The opening hours are pretty ambitious I gotta say)
FB page:

Baconette Strips@Mercury Drugstore, Edsa


The top drugstore in the Philippines, Mercury Drugstore, from just selling medicinal products to now OTCs, consumables and even groceries. Apparently, the owner of Mercury was listed as top taxpayer in the country…estimating 150million pesos. Oh my…….

At the store I spotted some rather interesting looking snacks and bought some home.

Baconette chips! Apparently meat free but flavoured to taste like bacon.


Not just the taste which was really similar, it was made to mimick the real one too. Rather crunchy and nice to munch on! Only 19 pesos, about RM 1.40.