Teo Chew Moi Ho Jiak Lo@Sun Fatt Kee, Seapark, PJ

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http://buy-generic-clomid.com/clomid_adult_dosage.html Sun Fatt Kee is widely known for its Ba Kut Teh for dinner foodieventurers. However, it has a different set of famous specialties during the day too. And today is the day we are having one of it… teo chew porridge!


Light hearted porridge

The weather was cloudy and the temperature was rather cool as well. Although I am no fan of porridge, the weather motivated us to have a steamy, salty, slurpy lunch today.

Glistening, whitened goodies served in the orange bowl!

I was told by a colleague, who’s a regular here that there is always a long queue usually, but we were in luck today we didn’t wait long for our food to be served.


Lo bak / ba kian

Some lo baks or some northerners would refer it as ba kians, including myself. Not bad, the greasy oilyness of it combined nicely with the porridge. Best ba kian still belongs to me mom’s.


Kiam chai and stir fried brinjals

Without this veg, we cannot say we had “teo chew” porridge. And they were awesome. We ordered another plate and by chance the next batch of vegs were just freshly cooked hence they were steaming hot when served to us. Just imagine, the steaming hot vegs added into the porridge. SHWINGS!

Somehow we ladies have a weakness towards brinjals: regardless of the style it is cooked. Yums as well, heck with the oilyness!


Vinegar pork

A meat lover like myself, I requested to add this plate of vinegar pork. Not bad too, but the best one still goes to me mom’s!


Sweet and spicy chilli clams

For my colleagues who are clammy lovers, said this was awesome as well. Super spicy, thus gave an oomph kick when eaten with porridge.

Shockingly, we paid only about RM 6 / pax. I expected more! Truly a worthy worthy deal. We all left happy and sleepy for the next few hours in the cold blizzard office.

Will definitely be back for round 2!

P/S: I will try the curry mee the next time I am here, been told it is famous as well!

Sun Fatt Kee Restaurant,
Jalan 21/11B, Seapark,
46300 Petaling Jaya


Sparkling thai affair@Erawan Classic Thai & Fusion, Kota Damansara


We had a business dinner with a group of business partners and had pre-booked this place a week before by my team mate. I have been told that walk-ins are not entertained at this place unless there is only 2 of you as most of the tables would be reserved.

It took us quite a while to be able to find the restaurant as it is located at one of the innerlanes of the shoplots near The Strand. Luckily we were early and managed to get a parking space nearby in this overly densed and parking problematic area.



The place was small but quaint. Definitely had an authentic thai feel to the whole place. As my team mate didi a bit of background search, not only are they focused on  delivering good authentic Thai food, the paintings on the walls also done by them. There are some talented artists in the family.


We were seated near their wall of fame..mostly awards from magazines eg: tatler for being part of the list of best restaurants in Malaysia throughout the years. They framed up some printed media write ups on them which helped us kill some time while waiting for our clients.

From there, I learnt that the pair of siblings opened this restaurant and one of them is the head chef behind the kitchen. The food and recipes are inspired by their late grandmother who was one of the Thai King’s appointed cooks in the early days.

The cheg has his own cooking book published too and has shared several recipes of his on magazines.

Wow. I was impressed knowing that information and was looking forward to taste the food!


Lukewarm tea

My lemongrass tea, came in a fanciful cup and teapot. I liked the idea that the entire pot is for my use, and my use only..the biggest downside however, was that my tea was lukewarm. Within minutes it was already cold. I am not sure if this was intentionally done, but I’d much prefer my tea super hot.


Local appetizer

This typical thai appetizer served to awaken the sleepy tastebuds was the first for me. The method of eating it is the same as eating BBQ pork/beef in a Korean restaurant. Wrap these nuts, chopped chillis, cucumbers, onions, fried dried coconuts with leaves and pop the entire thing into your mouth!

Rather different, tangy, soury, spicy combustion of flavours that would really wake up your tastebuds.


Fried sticks with fried baby crabs, shrimps

These was the fried sliced potatoes with fried baby shrimps and crabs accompanied by some sour, citrusy cold prawn appetizer. Nothing really special, tastewise was average. Can’t go wrong with fried stuff.


Spicy squid

The spicy squids were about RM40, and I have a huge weakness for squids and cuttlefish… so when I ate the squids, I got to say, I could possibly finish the entire plate on my own. The squid pieces were cooked just about right, retaining their softened chewy texture. The price tag to me, was a little steep for the portion.


RM98 3 piece big prawn

As all group meals must be pre-ordered because of the increased volume of ingredients required. We were told that all ingredients are bought fresh every morning. This was the first time I was really surprised to know that all prawn dishes here only come in 3, at RM98++. I really could not understand how a restaurant that serves such cuisine has so few dining options.

If you were to come in a smaller group, you’ll end up having to order another plate and that would already cost you RM200, and at this price, you may be able to get good prawns at large portions.

So…this was THE dish I was looking forward to be WOW-ed by after heated discussions transpired back and forth between my team mate and the restaurant to fix our meals within a certain budget.

When it came, I was wow-ed alright, but it did not reach a Bazinga! Level. The wow factor came skewed more towards its presentation.  was hoping to be wow-ed 10 times more if I has to pay that price of a RM30 per piece of prawn.


Every bite cost few dollars

The prawn was about the size of a petite woman’s fist. Taste wise was not bad, but as mentioned..any form of frying especially with these amazing curry leaves and spices can’t go wrong. RM 30 per prawn like this can be a huge pain in the heart as you savour each bite. Every bite is dollars gone.

They also serve steamed fish fillets which cost a whopping RM90 for 2 pieces. The fillets were not bad, but oversteamed a little in my opinion as they tasted a bit hard and…the price again, was over the top for me for the portion and quality.


Tom yam kung

How can we boldly say we are Thai foodieventuring without Tom Yam! Clear broth tom yam soup with finesse. Heaty, spicy and yet not oily. This was some good quality stuff yo! for someone like me who loves food with heavier flavours and thicker gravies to actually like something lighter and cleaner towards refining the taste.


Best red rubies I ever had

We ordered several desserts to share on top of each individual red rubies cup. Salute! One of the best red rubies ever! Although I was so so so full, I managed to squeeze in some space for all the available red rubies. If I recall correctly, it was about RM10.


Unworthy durian "hoot"

I honestly didn’t not expect the durian dessert to come in this way. This was a raw, properly fermented durian “hooot” that ended up turning out looking like a sweet potato. Wait till you hear the cost of one “hooot”… RM30. You can actually eat a decent ripened durian of many “hooots” with RM 30. Not worth it.


Grilled bananas with almonds, raisins and cherries

The grilled bananas, were pretty unique to me. Grilled with the skin on, the black layer at the bottom of each slice was actually the skin itself. Grilled with raisins, almonds and chopped cherries until they turned caramelized and soft. Pretty delicious! A little too western for me, I did not get a feel of Thai in this dessert.

Total damage per pax was about RM130. I admit that I was really full by the end of the meal, however it was probably from the desserts, rich in coconut that filled me up.

My personal take is that the price of the food may be just abit over the top for me, even if the Thai food here is of good quality, even better than Rama V, I would say.

Specifically zooming into seafood itself, you can find better quality ones with larger portions in other restaurants for the similar price paid here.

Service was great here, courteous owner who takes pride in explaining how every dish was done and the highlight specialty of each dish. All the waiters will be attentive to your needs even when you do not voice out. You would feel really well taken care of here.

Indeed, this dining experience was a sparkling thai affair!

No.22-1, Jalan PJU 5/16,
Dataran Sunway, Kota Damansara,
47810 Petaling Jaya
Tel: 03-6141 2393
Website: http://www.erawan-classicthai.com