Char siew oh so nicely caramelized@Chan Meng Kee, SS2

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Every now and then, when we are out for lunch in this area, we noticed the crazy crowd hovering Chan Meng Kee and reminded ourselves to give this shop a try the next time we are here at lunch break.  We never did for the many times we were in SS2…until today, when a light bulb flickered in my colleague’s mind and said “Eh why don’t we try that shop we saw with many people one?”

Oh yeah! Let’s go! Honestly speaking, at this point, we didn’t really know what food they served. Foodieventuring time!

We were in luck to get a space and oh! It’s wan tan mee!



I ordered the charsiew wan tan mee as this was the noodles patrons ordered when I did my 360 scan around. It looked slurpingly delicious!


The noodles were…okay, average. Nothing very special, but the Char Siew. Wait, are those angels singing at the back of my ears? Ding dong! Yum factor off the roof! Nicely caramelized on the outside and the fat portions were nicely evened out with the meaty parts. The noodles come with 3 wantans…total damage, RM 6. Okay-lah a dollar more than average kopitiams but for the quality I am getting..worth every penny!

The charsiew was so good…that I came back, in 3 days. @_@

So after 3 days…..


when I did my 360 scan 3 days ago, the next thing that many ordered were the roast pork. Let’s put this to the test! The roast pork was actually quite good, roast chicken on the other hand was quite average..but if I had to rank them, the trophy goes to the charsiew.

Another good thing I noticed being there twice so far, the employees were generally nice. I was actually a little surprised over that fact knowing most popular and highly packed chinese eateries, you’d get grumpy employees with less patience, due to the heavy workload. But not here, they were all busy but still maintained a polite persona when comes to their customers. Kudos!

Now, am thinking to order the noodles for TLCC fellowship!

Chan Meng Kee,
32, Jalan SS2/66,
47300 Petaling Jaya,
Selangor (same row as Lorong Seratus Tahun kopitiam. Facing the row of terrace houses)
Tel: 012-688 1972 (Mr. Chan)
Business Hours: Opens daily from 8.30am – 4pm except for Mondays


Carbohydrate binge@Free Mori, SS2 PJ


I was introduced to the delicious Free Mori bread slices from my close girlfriend, Anjoe in The Lord’s Covenant Church. However, there aren’t many outlets available around where I usually travel to hence I did not have a chance to visit the bakery on my own until I saw an outlet here after having spicy chilli pan mee at Jojo, SS2.

Honestly speaking, the feel of the bakery was fresh and vibrant and for some reason,  the way their pastries and bread are packed for sale or displayed gave a freshly baked feel to each item and attractive to the eyes also.

Obviously, I failed resisting from a carbohydrate binge, and ended up buying 2 types of bread for the night’s meal and for breakfast the day after.


This multi grain bread: with cranberry, sunflower seeds, sesame seeds looked amazing on the display and tasted amazing too! Full of flavours! They do cut your bread of choice into slices if it is of your preference. This is one of the best seller items for Free Mori.

The bread was soft, and nutritious! Filled with the natural sweetness and gave a  nitty gritty bite from the seeds. Amazingly yummy. It is more worth to buy two of these (each piece was about RM 4.80) for the portion and the kind of service we were getting.


The cheese bread slices were less favorable compared to the multigrain but they did taste pretty alright. The chopped orange and yellow squares were actually the cheese.

The bread was a little too salty for me, but for those who enjoy savoury bread would find these delightful. The bread had a slight kick of spiciness as well, from the additions of the black pepper I suspect.

The bread was about RM4.80 as well. Quite worthy breads as each bread can yield about 6-7 slices and they are definitely a sure fire guarantee to keep you full.

I know I will be re-visiting this bakery soon to get hold of another multigrain bread! Yums!

Free Mori SS2,
43, Jalan SS2/64,
47300 Petaling Jaya, Selangor
Operating Hours: 8:00am-10: 30pm.
Tel: 03-7873 0212
FB page: