Coffee break@Butter+Beans, Happy Mansion area, Seksyen 17 PJ

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It was a stormy afternoon. The raindrops were like baby bombs and the wind was howling like wolves. An excellent opportunity for a hot cuppa’ coffee and a little sweet bite!

Butter+Beans happen to be nearby so we popped over for a coffee break while wait for the storm to pass.

The tiny cafe was packed with coffee lovers. The sound of the coffee machine grinding the fresh beans, the fragrant aroma of coffee, glistened pastries nicely placed on display really creates a warm and cozy place to be in on a stormy day.


The americano (RM6) was not bad, but a little too diluted for my liking. As the cuppa was coffee became lukewarm in no time.


What could be a better choice than a hot, melting chocolate danish with choppped pistachios on a cold chilly day?

Be warned: this danish is delicious! But difficult to share. I tried to cut them into 4 pieces but the danish was not big enough and slightly hard at the corners as well so this attempt caused a mess! I think you must finish this danish alone in 2 wholesome bites to have the best satisfaction!



A picture for our ‘leaders’ to see the burden added on to us citizens. The cost of living has been continuously increasing and yet our leaders try to justify to us that we can live comfortably for 1 month with a RM 1000.

Perhaps I could, if I have a loaf of bread plain water everyday and walk 2 hours to work and never give allowance to my parents anymore. And no foodieventure.

But that won’t be considered living comfortably right?


Thai lunch@I’m Spicy, Sekyen 17, PJ

I always passed by this restaurant whenever I have lunch at Kanna Curry (same row of shophouses) but never had an opportunity to try it until one fine day, my friends had a thai craving on a rainy day, we decided to give it a try.


My thai fried kueh teow was actually really good. Fried with full of wok hei and they were rather sincere with the beef slices and tofu. The plate looked quite big but I was able to finish the entire plate….wiped clean. Oops. Rn 13.20 (including tax and 1 drink which tasted like cough mixture).


My friend ordered the Phad Thai which looked delicious as well. She finished the entire plate…im guessing delicious too!


Thai fried rice looked rather disappointing though. Thumbs up for presentation,  making the rice heart shaped lol. The sweetened sauce coated fried pork slices were a little too hard. The sambal given tasted better than the dish and became the item that made their dish tasted better. Sadly, they charged RM1 for the sambal sauce! Grrrrrr!


Little piggy giving a cute face, asking money from us. We spent about RM 13.20 each. All in all, the food was quite good but we did get thirsty later. We suspected the Aji dose added might be a bit too much.

What was outrageous was the fact they charged us RM 1.00 for each small glass of water. I’ve always been one of those people who are against restaurants charging for water when the cost is negligable.

The fact they charged us for water and sambal did deter us from our motivation to make our 2nd trip here, even though the food we had was quite good. I hope they would re-consider waving these extra charges to give the patrons a full sense of fulfillment dining here.

I’m Spicy add:
1 Jalan 17/345, Seksyen 17, Petaling Jaya, Selangor