Cashew Nuts Experience@Phuket, Thailand

AirAsia flights to Thailand are pretty well known to Malaysians, especially flights heading to beach destinations like Koh Samui, Krabi and Phuket. Sadly, the cost of travel to these islands can sometimes turn out to be cheaper than our own local islands in the East Coast, which shouldn’t be and the tourism ministry should re-look into the aspects of making local holiday destinations more affordable for Malaysians.
Anyway, back to Thailand, my friends and I recently flew via AirAsia to Phuket for a short weekend getaway.
What I’ve learnt from several AirAsia flight experience, it is better if we pre-booked our meals along booking our airline tickets as somehow rather, we will feel hungry, even short travels. The airline only provides limited food and if you are sitting at the final few rows, most likely no food is left for you. So yea.. pre-book!
This fried rice with satay cost RM9.90, and mmmm.. delicious!
Our first place of visit was the cashew nut factory. Honestly speaking, I had never seen a cashew nut at its most raw form. I respect the cashew nuts a lot more now, after seeing how the lady workers sit in front of these stacks of nuts all day long, cleaning them while risking skin damage, from the poisonous sap of the fruit.
My first time drinking cashew nut juice. Slightly gassy, and sweet, but I couldn’t really taste the cashew-ness from its juice. But it surely did its wonders cooling us down under the excruciating hot weather.
I was shocked at first thinking that cashew fruits are multicoloured. In actual fact, these were just cappings to protect the fruits from birds and squirrels.
Breathtaking view of Phuket, by the sea. Gorgeous isn’t it?