Packed meals on the go@MH & Shangrila Edsa image

go to site I have had these by chance several times and I think this is one of the better meals served in MH. The kurma chicken with tomato rice : spicy tender chicken and flavourful vegs. Be warned, smelly breath post meal. I was glad I carried a set of toothbrush and paste with me. 

cialis generico contrassegno image Shangrila packed breakfast for us since we had an early flight. The pastries were quite delicious with exception of the yellow pellet pastry, which were mangoes btw. They tasted sour and the pastry tasted like paper. Strangely they actually gave a hard boiled egg as well. Was wondering how shall I eat that without proper cutleries and a table.

prezzo levitra generico 2017 The airport was surprisingly really small for a population of 100 million citizens. With limited seats available and dining tables at all for any food kiosks, which were also limited. Suddenly KLIA seemed super duper big, with the addition of KLIA2 now. But what is the difference when the airport always feels rather empty and there aren’t many interesting shops and eateries there. image The inbound flight home served a disappointing meal. Prawn nasi lemak..boring..watery sambal and no nuts and anchoviea were added. Even the brownie was literally a block of rock sugar. The only delicious item was the Hershey Treats haha.

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Cheese rolls@MaryGrace, Philippines image

Highly recommended by the localites, and coincidentally there was a kiosk at the mall opposite Shangrila foodventuras antenna was on the rise. I decided to buy some home to try.


The promoter said that these two items are the trademark pastries. Each piece was about 50-60 peso, if not wrong..that is about RM 5-6 a piece.hmmm..not cheap either. Ah oh well..I bought 6, 4 for myself and 2 for my friend.



When I cut it open, I was expecting the cheese to be cream-based, blended and softened. Instead I find a thickened slab of cheese inside like a Kit Kat! it was a little too dense…almost like eating a cheese flavoured chocolate, overpowering the pastry.

I brought it to church and decided to microwave them to melt the cheese instead. The children loved them and finished them all in an instant!

Very different and unique indeed Philippino’s version of cheese pastries!